The Wonderful Benefits of Santa Cecilia Granite

Are you considering adding granite to places throughout your home? This is a common decision, one made by so many homeowners who wish to upgrade or update their homes with pieces of beauty, little maintenance, and classy style. In recent years, granite has become a household remodeling staple, the choice item for every homeowner to include in their kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms in some special way. Granite, though, is much more than a simple upgrade — it brings quality, durability, and beauty into your home, and requires very little in the way of construction. You simply need to find the perfect selection of granite for your home and stylistic taste.

More recently, the granite countertop has made quite a name for itself in kitchens throughout the world; this, though, is not the only way in which you can use granite. With its plethora of benefits, granite is a sturdy and gorgeous addition to any room in your home — and it can be displayed in so many different ways. Consider using it in the bathroom, framing your vanity mirror with granite. Or, perhaps you can put it to use in the form of granite tiles . In the ancient eras, Egyptians chose to use granite in their construction of pyramids. Mediterranean peoples took advantage of their granite stores, building temples and important government locales. Today, it is held in equally high regard, but has become more commonplace than rare. Granite, however, is still quite a rare material. As it grows naturally over decades and even centuries, every slab forms slowly and uniquely, making every piece its own work of art.

However you wish to work granite into your home, there is a seemingly endless supply available to buyers around the world. Your location does not limit your choices of gorgeous granite; in fact, with mines and quarries throughout nations internationally, you can own any variety you fall in love with while shopping through various granite services and selections. So, how do you find the granite that suits both your style and budget? Granite slabs, remnants, and stones are sold just about everywhere, available through contractors, home construction firms, fabricators, and even big box retail stores. You can begin your granite search by viewing the different types of granite at these select places, and start to narrow down what it is that you like.

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Granite varieties are broadly different, ranging in everything from thickness and weight to coloring and pattern. No two slabs or stones of granite are alike — each one holds its very own unique style, specks and flecks of color, and striations across its surface. From the commonly beloved gray and white granite to the wilder blue-hued blocks with pink spots, granite slabs grow in so many different shades. One of these beautiful varieties of granite is Santa Cecilia granite, also known as St. Cecilia granite. Before diving into the wonderful colors, sweeping veins, and sparkling appearance of Santa Cecilia, there are benefits to granite no matter the variety chosen.


What, exactly, is it that makes current owners of granite counters and table tops such fans of this expensive and weighty stone material? Over the years, granite has proved why it is a top choice for so many during their remodel or upgrade processes — it’s a stellar stone, one that lasts for decades while resisting signs of frequent wear and tear. Firstly, granite is beautiful; all homeowners are aware of this. There are so many different colors and types to choose from, and it’s so simple to find a slab that matches your color scheme, your needs, your wishes. Yet it offers much more than a great appearance, or “look.”

Sure, granite is an attractive natural material. Did you know that because of this fact, the design options and opportunities available to you through granite are nearly endless? As it grows naturally, granite takes on different colors, different designs, and different effects in its appearance. You can find granite in nearly any shade, to suit any decor desires you have. Even a single variety of granite can vary greatly, depending on how the light hits its coloring. Most commonly, granite appears in shades of white, gray, pink, and orange; more unusual and uncommon colors like blue and green can be found, but are simply more in demand with customers.

In addition to its naturally stunning beauty, granite is also an excellent choice for those who need a material they can rely on — one that won’t fall victim to damage over time. So many different materials begin to crack, chip, and even fade with the passage of years and frequent touching and use. Granite is among the strongest, sturdiest materials available for building projects. An igneous rock that forms when magma, or hot lava, cools over time, granite features a tightly interwoven inner structure that helps it hold together well. Inside each stone, small and imperceptible crystals grow together, melding into one giant piece of rock. Crystal is a notoriously touch mineral, and when it interlocks, it becomes even stronger. It is because of this formation process that granite is such a durable choice for countertops.

Slide the blade of a knife across the smooth top of a slab of granite, or drop a heavy item upon its surface; you’ll do no damage to the stone itself. Although it can chip at its edges when hit with excessive force, a granite counter or slab is so sturdy that it will damage a knife before succumbing to scratches itself. Even after years of use, granite remains smooth and sparkling — and it requires very little care. Granite experts remark that the stone needs just the bare minimum in cleaning, and owners are able to use typical store-bought cleaning products on its surface.

Lastly, one of the biggest concerns homeowners have when considering adding granite into their lives is cost. With a budget to consider, and the many various expenses that add up over the course of a DIY or remodel project, granite can appear to be too pricey to incorporate. However, granite is not as expensive as many may believe it is. In fact, fabricators and various granite selection services note that it is more affordable than other options such as Caesarstone or silestone. Granite is not inherently rare; some slabs are available at nearly any online or in-person granite selection store, such as the ubiquitous grey, white, and black variety. What makes granite expensive is its rarity; so, if you choose a color and type of granite that is readily available and easy to procure, you won’t find yourself spending tens of thousands to have a beautiful final product.

With so many options available to those interested in purchasing granite, it can be difficult to narrow down which slabs are the most appealing, or even the best fit for your individual project. Variables such as pricing, appearance, thickness, and yes, even speckles versus veins all must be considered as you shop for your favorite variety. One of the most popular and most desirable granite styles is Santa Cecilia, or St. Cecilia. Renowned and beloved for its beauty and ease of care, Santa Cecilia granite is one of the oldest stones in existence within the world.

Born in the mines and quarries of Sao Paolo, Brazil, St. Cecilia granite is as old as the Earth itself. It is thick and dense, heavy and hard in its makeup, and yet still gorgeous in its appearance. A natural stone like all other granite varieties, St. Cecilia is one of the most popular types around the world. Named after a martyr in the Christian church, Santa Cecilia is the patroness of church music, meant to bring beauty into the ears of all. As a type of granite, St. Cecilia is as stunning as its namesake. Most often, it appears in a soft, soothing beige color, speckled and veined with shades of burgundy, gold, and deep, dark grey. It also features a somewhat unusual use for granite: many love its look and sturdiness so much that they choose to install Santa Cecilia granite as flooring rather than as table or counter tops. It is not uncommon to discover St. Cecilia granite tiles surrounding a fireplace, decorating a wall as backsplash, or lining the tub of a bathroom. Because it is so incredibly durable, it can be used inside or outside, in a variety of settings.

What St Cecilia granite is best known for, though, is its trademark appearance. Many remark about its cranberry-colored spots and circles; others find its gold to sparkle each time the stone catches the light. When these gorgeous gold colors appear, it is due to the minerals’ oxidization over the course of millions and millions of years. If dark grey or perhaps even black veins or spots appear, they too add to the beauty. Sometimes, even more rare and special St. Cecilia stone varieties will even feature taupe or orange veins and stripes running their length or width. Each stone and slab will be greatly different, and no two will look alike in their patterns and striations. Keep in mind, too, that many purchasers of St. Cecilia granite slabs note that the stone appears to shine in different colors depending on the light, and how the light hits it. When the sunlight or indoor lighting is particularly bright and direct, Santa Cecilia light granite will spark the spots of gold to glow brightly. On a cloudy or dim day, the stone will look more dull in its coloring than brilliant.

As you shop for and select the perfect slab of Santa Cecilia dark or light granite for your home projects, remember that every fabricator will feature differently-colored versions of the stone. Photos and appointments to view each stone slab in-person can help you to choose the final (and best) one. Once you have selected the perfect piece of St Cecilia granite from a local fabricator, and you have completed the shopping and pricing processes, it’s time for installation. St. Cecilia is, as mentioned previously, an incredibly dense and thick variety of granite. Make sure your fabricator and insulation service are skilled in working with this special stone. Once your countertop, table top, or simple slab of Cecilia granite is installed, take the time to care for your new addition by polishing and wiping it regularly to keep it clean and free from stains.

All varieties of granite are beautiful in their own way. Simply choosing to add or include granite in your home update or upgrade project brings the stunning natural world into your house, where you can appreciate and celebrate it every day. But granite is more than gorgeous; it is durable, a product that will leave you satisfied and happy even years after it is installed. If you choose to use Santa Cecilia granite throughout your kitchen, your bathroom, or any additional rooms in your residence, you will be living with the beauty of Brazil. An ancient stone and variety of granite, St. Cecilia is both dense in quality and dramatic in its appearance. Each time you gaze upon the golden color, sheen, and sparkle, you’ll fall in love with your new granite all over again.