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Santa Cecilia Light Granite: 5 Best Place for It

Santa Cecilia light granite is one of the most popular options for house interior and exterior features. At first, it was used only on big fancy houses, but since the price is not so expensive anymore, recent houses like to have these beautiful pieces too. If you share the same idea, you should try to use on these following places of the house.

Kitchen Countertop

Yea, this is a classic idea with classic granite. All interior designers will admit that this Santa Cecilia granite is a good choice for your kitchen countertops. Let us see the benefits first. Being smooth and sturdy, this will give you strong and steady base while chopping, dicing, and even plating. You don’t have to deal with shaky and unstable countertops. It is strong enough so you can put heavy pan or appliances on top of it when you need to. Don’t worry about breaking it up. It won’t happen. This granite is smooth as mentioned before, making it a perfect surface for all spills. It will not absorb, and you don’t have micro curves on it with spilling sauce in there. It means easy cleaning. You only need to wipe it and everything is clear. It won’t catch the smell too so you don’t need special cleaning solutions to clean it. In addition to those all, it makes perfect match for all colors. You can combine it with cream, black, warm wood, or modern colors like baby pink, red, and electric blue. It can adjust the modern and classic look right away.

House Landscaping

Most people use this granite for their interior details, but there is no sin to use it outside the house too. Do you have a backyard or garden? It’s a perfect spot for st Cecilia granite. Enrich your landscaping with it. Just for ideas, several elegant gardens feature granite path. You can have it too with this granite. Make it curves and combine with several other materials for more personalized accent. It makes the garden looks regal in instant. Of course, making a path with granite can be costly. In alternative, why don’t you cover your terrace with it? You can have other materials like terracotta to cover your other garden part. Terrace with granite will make the center stage of the space. Add some fancy looking comfortable furniture and you are ready to receive guests here. You should also try this granite as your outer part garden pool. DO you know what will make the best match for it? It’s a fountain. A granite pool with fountain will make a deluxe centerpiece. Enrich with illumination to get the grand look.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Let’s get back to the kitchen. Kitchen surprisingly has many incredible parts. Those parts will make significant change on the overall look when modified. Now, you should try modifying your backsplash with Santa Cecilia light granite. Yea, most backsplashes using tiles and there are so many patterns and colors on tiles that will make great choices. Granite has so many great points as backsplashes. It has the smooth surface so it won’t absorb water and whatever splashes from your sink. This surface makes sure you can clean it easily, just by simple wipe out. It’s technically ideal. Now, let’s see how it looks. This kind of granite is classic. It shows just the simplest pattern, and the nicest color too. It even matches modern colors too. For example, you have black and silver kitchen with all modern appliances and design line. Add this backsplash, and you take the look into different level. It looks ultra modern with a classic touch like you were born on some old family line. Nothing can beat this look right now.

House Walls

Like on old houses with big columns and ball room, you should have at least one room with saint Cecilia granite wall. There are many possible rooms you should consider. For example, you can try your front hall. This is practically large and spacious enough for you to show off. You commonly have no need to hang things like photos or paintings in here too so it will keep the granite wall smooth and undisturbed. It also makes the fanciest entrance for your guests. They will absolutely wow the look. The other rooms you should invest with this material is your dining room and patio. Dining room with a touch of elegant is always a brilliant idea. It can be a little tricky though if you want to hang painting collection and photos on the wall. Your patio on the other way makes the perfect spot. Tea time will be even better around these walls. This granite is easy to clean and to maintain, and its light color makes it natural enough. It makes it easier for you to choose the furniture and other details.


Oh yes, a house with granite flooring is a valuable asset. Technically, this material provides the strength and stability you want for house floor. It enables you to set everything on top of it. The surface is solid with no pores, so you can clean it with the easiest way possible. Dust will not stick to it on normal condition so it makes perfect flooring for a family with little kids too. It can be used on all rooms, and it elevates the house look in an instance. However, you may need to think about the size you want to use. Commonly, floor like granite Santa Cecilia is available on two options. You can have whole size, and it means it isn’t cut to tile sizes. You can also have it on tiles sizes, and it is commonly available on big size. Light color is always preferable considering its flexibility with other colors and the bright yet warm atmosphere it has.

This granite may not have a lot of variations like the other kinds, but it has classic and the most flexible look. You can literally combine it with other tiles and materials in several possible colors. It can be elegant or modern. So, do you want fancy looking house? Look no further than this Santa Cecilia light granite.

St. Cecilia Granite Countertop and Backsplash Complete Guide

When it comes to choosing granite countertop, St Cecilia granite is probably one of the most favorite one. Most of you would love to have granite countertop in your kitchen. This particular countertop is indeed beautiful and valuable. So, it is understandable if you want it. Granite countertop will make your kitchen a great place for cooking, socializing, and dining. And if you choose Santa Cecilia Granite, you’ll see how the glowing golden granite adds warm and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen.

And also to create a wonderful kitchen, you must have charming kitchen backsplash. There are many choices of kitchen backsplash materials you can choose. And granite backsplash will do wonder in your kitchen. Having a matching granite countertop and backsplash will make your kitchen looks amazing and beautiful. It is also great for smaller kitchen. The matching backsplash and countertop will minimize borders. It will make your kitchen looks more spacious.

Some homeowners may think that granite is too heavy for a backsplash. However, Santa Cecilia light granite is perfect for backsplash. This granite backsplash will make your kitchen looks beautiful and luxurious. Having granite backsplash will give you some advantages. It can stand heat and moisture very well. This backsplash will make a perfect backsplash. It is also very easy to clean. Once you finished cooking, you can clean it quickly with warm water and soft fabric.

The Pros and Cons of Granite Countertop

Before you hit the store to buy new granite countertop, you must know all the facts about it first. Granite countertop offers you with both advantages and disadvantages. That’s why you must be prepared with what it has to offer.

One of the advantages you’ll get from this granite countertop is that it is durable. It will last for a very long time. That’s why you must choose one that you really like since it will likely stay forever with you. This countertop will add more value to your home. Granite countertop can stand heat very well. You do not need to worry that placing a hot pan on it can damage it. You do not need to worry about bacterial growth on its surface. Granite countertop is also easy to clean. Therefore, you can save your time in cleaning it.

Meanwhile, one of the disadvantages of this countertop is that it is expensive. You must prepare more money if you want to have it. Aside from this cost, you must also plan the installation budget since its installing (including labor) cost is more expensive than the granite itself. Another disadvantage is that it is heavy. You must make sure that your cabinets are strong and sturdy. Granite countertop usually requires additional support. This countertop is also difficult to remove. It may crack if it gets hit by sharp and heavy objects.

Choices of Granite Types

When you are shopping for granite countertop, you will find choices of granite types you can pick. Some of them are Typhoon Bordeaux, Costa Esmeralda, Seafoam Green, and Venetian Gold Granite. Each of these granite types has different colors and pattern.

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite is available in couple or brick red shades. Its main colors are brick red, cream, brown, and gray. It is perfect to match brown cabinets or reddish brown flooring.Costa Esmeralda is perfect for your beach house. It is also perfect if you have coastal interior decoration. The colors of granite are between green and blue. It will look great paired with stained wood cabinet. This particular countertop will look great in sunny kitchen.
Seafom Green Granite has beautiful earthy green shade which is combined with brown and gray. It will look great with painted cabinets. Having this countertop will add natural and earthy atmosphere in your kitchen.
Venetian Gold Granite is beautiful and classic. It has a combination of gold, white, and dark color. This granite looks great on brown tone or white tone kitchen.

Why Choose Venetian Gold Granite

If you want to have a kitchen with luxurious golden tone, you must choose St Cecilia granite which is also called Venetian Gold Granite. This Saint Cecilia Granite is charming and very beautiful. Its main colors are white and gold. This particular granite is quarried in Brazil. The ones that are quarried in lower depth usually have more gold colors. Meanwhile, ones that are quarried in upper depth usually have more white color. The gold color of this granite is caused by the oxidation process that happened for millions years. That’s why the deeper it is the more gold shade it has.

New Venetian Gold Granite has all the quality of granite countertop you want. It is durable, beautiful, and easy to clean. This particular countertop is quite universal. It will look great both in traditional style kitchen and modern style kitchen. If you are planning to have it, it is better for you to choose gloss polished cabinets.

How to Maintain Granite Countertop and Backsplash

You may think that maintaining natural, such as granite, is not easy. Well, it is not as difficult as you think. For daily maintenance, you can clean your countertop and backsplash using warm water and mild detergent. You must choose the detergent carefully to avoid porosity. Similar to other natural stone, granite cannot stand acid. Acidic detergent can cause porosity on your countertop and backsplash. It will make them prone to scratch and stain. To minimize the side effect of detergent, it is better for you to choose special granite cleaners.

To avoid soap build up on your countertop and backsplash surface, rinse the surface thoroughly. You can rinse it using water and soft cloth. After that, dry it well with cotton cloth. If you are worried with the porosity of your granite countertop and backsplash, you can opt to seal them with high quality sealer. It will make your countertop and backsplash shine spotlessly. Once it looks dull, you must re-seal it again. Seal will protect your St Cecilia granite from harmful substance and porosity. It will also make it last longer.