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Choose Granite Countertops Colors like a Pro

The various designs of kitchens and bathrooms have incorporated the use of granite countertops. The granite’s sophisticated design and colors bring a state of the art look on your kitchens and baths. Granite countertops colors vary depending on your choice; however, there are few colors that rise up above all the others. White and black are most popular granite colors. But today, as more and more people demand for other shades, you can now find red, brown, beige, earth colors, tan brown, white and pastel colors.

However, choosing the right color can be very difficult. The best way to solve that is to start with plain colors and patterns. A lot of online supplier of granite counter tops colors offers free sample, estimate and demonstration of colors. Ask their staff what is recommended and also tell them your ideas for them to make a suggestion of better color combination.

Here are very common granite colors that can help you decide which one to use:

  • Black granite brings elegance and masculine touch to any counter top it covers. It is a common color that serves all other designs and can be combined to other colors. Black granite has different shades and pattern, from midnight black to the softest gray; you will be able to come up with a smoky color with just one color.
  • White granite offers clean, open and spacious countertops. It is often the choice of the modern women. White granite is best combined with black as their shades blend perfectly. When combined together, it is recommended to have it alternately. White granite suggests a feminine touch to the countertop when installed. White granite can also be combined to any dark shade to get a result of a lighter and brighter countertop
  • Yellow granite countertop enhances the stream of sunlight. It provides a brighter surrounding and perfectly lighted worktop in the kitchen and even in the bathroom. There are several kinds of yellow granite. Make sure you choose the best shade that matches your specifications.
  • Green granite is perfect to those who love nature. It comes in different shades such as aqua green, sea green and forest green. Whatever your choice of shade, green is a relaxing color that you can apply for your countertop, bringing nature’s beauty inside your home.
  • Blue granite is a great color that you can install for your countertop. It represents the color of the ocean as well as a representation of the earth’s color. It is also available in several shades and patterns that fit perfectly for your kitchen counters and bathroom.

If you are the do it yourself type of person, you can find various ways and means to combine colors for your countertop. Your creativity can provide good judgment in setting up colors that will match your lifestyle. A good way to come up with a good finish is to have a theme. The idea of installing an ocean theme for your bathroom or even a garden theme for your kitchen will let you decide easier on what color, shade and pattern you are going to need. Consulting the color wheel is also one way to get the right color combinations.

Several granite countertops colors are only available upon request. These are what you call custom made. You can acquire them at a more expensive price. If you can combine colors and patterns, it is likely for you to come up with a good design without requesting your local supplier for a custom made granite countertops. Be creative and tap your resources.

White Granite Color Option for Kitchen Countertops

The primary reason why white granite countertops are a popular choice is their versatility. White is an extremely flexible color and as such works well with a variety of other surface types and shades. For instance white granite provides a nice contrast to darker colors such as black, grey, dark blue, dark red and also compliments lighter shades like yellows or pale blues. Many people believe that white granite countertops are too plain and boring. While it is true that some people do find this you can also obtain these surfaces with a massive range of different patterns on them, white granite that looks like marble is an excellent example of how such a small variation on plain white can really give your kitchen a stylish and distinct appearance.

Mix White Granite with Other Shades

While it is true that white granite countertops give a clean and spacious feel it is very easy to overdo it. A room with too much of the same shade white can start to look like a very sterile environment. Instead you should vary the shade or pattern of your surfaces or compliment it with a completely different shade altogether. When looking for a countertop you will have to keep in mind that very few showrooms will actually call their white granite by that name. Common names include Carrara and Bianco Antico but I have seen many more fancy descriptions are used.

White Granite Countertops Give You Space

Obviously they won’t physically give you more work area but white granite does give that illusion. Consider a room painted entirely black against a room in white. The lighter room will always give the impression that it is more spacious. This is mainly down to the fact that white granite colors reflect light better than any other color which also means that white granite countertops are an excellent choice if you are short of light (be it natural or artificial) in your kitchen.

Wallet Friendly

White granite countertops are a lot more affordable than other shades of granite. This is mainly down to the fact that they have become more desirable as of late with the increasing amount of people that would like a clean open kitchen using white granite colors as opposed to the more traditional dark colors for surfaces.


The biggest disadvantage of white granite countertops is also one of its good points, its clean look. A clean white countertop will look absolutely stunning in any kitchen but if it is allowed to become dirty this effect will be diminished. Clean your surface thoroughly every week with a mixture of warm water and washing up liquid even if it does not look dirty to keep the granite in good condition. There are also polishes on the market made specifically for granite countertops which will give it that showroom finish it once possessed.

White granite countertops do stain relatively easy and as such any spillages need to be wiped with a wet cloth as soon as possible. If a stain is more serious and a simple wipe does not remove it then hydrogen peroxide is a good solution. Pour it on the stain and leave it for 30 minutes, after a quick wipe down with warm water you should find the stain has been removed. Another important pointer is to never cut directly on the surface, always use a cutting board as your beautiful surface will be ruined with a few scratches in it!

There is a unbelievable range of white granite colors available on the market today. You will find that a lot of the time this is simply distributors inventing new names for existing white granite colors to make them seem more exciting. Below you will find most popular white granite variant.

Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir white granite is a popular variation of ordinary white granite which is usually described as having a dark white or light grey surface with inset dark red stones (formally known as garnets) and bands of grey spots which gives Kashmir white granite a beautiful and unique look. Kashmir white granite is also commonly known under the following names: Cachemire, Bianco Kashmere White, Cashmere White, Kashimire White, White Kasmir.


Kashmir white granite has become very popular recently due to the fact that it is one of the lightest white granites available on the market. It is mainly sourced in India and is usually processed into individual slabs either there or in India. This type of granite is considered desirable due to the fact that every single piece has subtle variations in its design making every batch, or even every slab within a batch unique. Although Kashmir white is known as a granite in the United States, in most parts of Europe it is classed as a Granulite due to subtle differences in that way that it is formed compared to most granite rocks.

How To Use

Kashmir granite works well with a wide range of other surface types and colors so is considered a very versatile material. When matched with lighter surfaces (cupboard doors, handles etc) it creates a very traditional and clean look. A popular choice nowadays is to use this granite with glossy black surfaces. This look gives the impression of a very sleek, modern and stylish kitchen that is so sought after.


As with all white granites, proper maintenance procedures must be undertaken to keep its stunning appearance. Kashmir granite tends to be relatively porous and as such should be sealed every 6 months as opposed to every 12 months with darker granites. Any stains should be immediately wiped with a mixture of warm water and standard washing up liquid as lighter granite surfaces have a tendency to be quite absorbent and a single stain can ruin the effect of your Kashmir white granite surface.

Giallo Ornamental One of Best Granite Variant

The giallo ornamental granite is a type of granite, which is best suited for indoor as well as outdoor settings. It is exotic and simple in appeal and succeeds in giving a royal look to the place where it is used. Whether it is the fireplace or the furniture in the garden it gels easily with almost any ambience. It has a very flattering color tone, which is a little brighter than the normal granite. The main reason why buyers believe in using it is that it can be installed and then the coloring can be done later depending on which shade looks better.

There are many companies who use framing system to give this granite immense strength so that it can bear additional weight than any other standard granite. This is however an expensive affair if one wants to use this method for decoration at home but is effectively used by huge companies as well as industries that have enough capital to pay for it. Giallo ornamental light granite is not easily affected by pressure contrary to other stone slabs. Most of the granite is mined in Finland but this variety comes from Brazil where it is first subjected to severe heat and pressure which in turn changes this metamorphic rock to a rock that is extremely hard and durable.

Giallo ornamental is the best choice for kitchen counter tops and bathroom. It is capable of bearing extreme heat in summers and near zero temperatures in winter. Apart from this it can withstand immense pressure thereby making it suitable for families where there are kids and more chances of breakage. The consistency and capability of this stone is similar to that of other granite varieties. The slabs are scratch free and only an immensely great stress can damage it. Hot water and soap can be used to wipe it clean and a minor damage to it can be repaired without having to replace the entire slab.

Black and brown granite is common place but the giallo ornamental is a better choice when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms as it has a creamiest yellow color. It is one of the most well known commercial granites in the world. It has a distinctive warm honey-yellow color with spots of grey and black uniformly throughout. Using it with suitable colors can make the interiors look very well designed. The colors in the granite are in plenty. Choosing one of these colors and applying them to the wall of the room gives it a very chic look. It offers great functionality with respect to color.

The color of the cabinets can also be honey stain or a dark mahogany to complement the giallo ornamental. It gives a very dramatic look overall. However too much of dark shades should not be used as it makes the room look very dark and ill lit. Too much of reflective surfaces like steel and nickel should not be used. The giallo ornamental granite is the perfect combination of looks and use which is unique when it to comes to designing your dream home or office.

Granite Countertops Colors Finding Guide

A granite countertop dominates all other types of countertops in the market. This countertop has been one of the most popularly used countertops for the bathrooms and kitchen. Being a popular choice, you can commonly see these types of countertops in commercial places as well. The prices of granite countertops were skyrocketing in earlier days just because it was harder to quarry and cut the granite during those days, this is when granite countertops were affordable only by the riches. With the advent of new machinery and tools, it has got easier to cut and quarry countertops. Hence, the price of the granite countertops has reduced to a great extent. So, you no longer have to yearn to buy a granite countertop.

Bathrooms and kitchens have a long way and nowadays often include very expressive colors. Interior designers are adopting new designs, which dazzle the eye of the onlookers. Using different granite countertops colors you can decorate the place with the most unique combinations. They will add a degree of sparkle, whether from the daytime sun or the night time moonlight. The transformation can be quite dramatic. Granite countertops colors remind us of the natural colors of the rocks and mountains amidst the beauty of Mother Nature. Granite is one of the most abundantly found elements on the earth’s crust. It will add a sense of aura and sensuality to your home. You can avail yourself of one of the many varieties of colors on offer.

You may wonder what is so special about a granite countertop than the other kinds of countertops. The great advantage of granite countertops is that these are hard and durable. Being made out of a non-porous surface, most of the granite countertops are spill proof. The hard surface makes it efficient to bear heat. So, you can place hot cookware on it without much concern. There are many stores that sell fake granite countertops. You have to assess the authenticity of the store before buying a granite countertop.

There may be so many questions that may be creeping into your mind while buying such dominant countertops. If you go to a store or research online, you can find out the various color options of granite countertops. Choosing the right color may be a tricky situation. The granite are sold in vibrant colors with varied patterns and shades. It may often sound easier to buy the first color of granite for your counter-tops that you see in the store. However, if you rush, then you may end up buying one that doesn’t suit the overall theme of your kitchen. You have to spend some quality time studying about the various color patterns of granite in order to make a decision.

Evaluating the counter tops over a series of factors may help you choose the best colored granite. The following tips will help you choose the perfect shade of granite counter top for your home.

  • Go to various granite warehouses to understand the various color options available in the granite counter tops. Don’t end your search by just viewing a small piece of granite slab. Ask for the full slab of granite to determine the look and feel of the countertop.
  • Find out whether the color of the granite goes well with the color of the cabinets in your kitchen. You can even carry a sample of your existing cabinet to find a matching granite countertop for your kitchen.
  • Determine whether the color of your granite countertop matches the floor color of your kitchen. Make sure the color that you choose is complimentary with the flooring.
  • Get some sample test slabs and try it out on your kitchen. You can even ask for suggestions from your family and friends. If you get good remarks, then you can go ahead and invest in the granite countertop.

These are some color preference guide when choosing your granite

A great choice of granite countertop color is blue. This can remind us of the oceans that cover the earth. It is a great color that will enhance neural colored walls in kitchen and bathrooms. Blue granite is found and manufactured in most parts of Africa and Brazil. It comes in a variety of exciting patterns. Amongst all of them the Azul granites are the most popular. The green granite countertops tend have the most variety in their patterns. You can have a wide range of green starting from sea green, forest green, aqua green and even mixing them with colors like yellow and white to produce incomparable combinations and patterns. Green is the basic color found in all countries but it has a different glaze in each and every one of them.

Yellow is a good choice of color for a granite countertop. Its beauty is greatly enhanced in the presence of sunlight. You can choose different shades of yellow like chrome, peacock, sand and even marine. Each of them is unique. They can be used as borderlines for cabinets and artificial racks too, where the intermittent color is red or a brown. The black and white combinations are very popular. Individually they have their own shades to go with but together they are a lethal combination. They can be used separately with shades of grey, yellow, blue or green. They are simplicity itself and work well in modern, minimalist homes.

If you are having too much trouble choosing a specific granite countertop color, then why not try a combination of colors? The color I’m referring to is Beige. It is one of the most popular shades intermixed with brown, yellow and green. It brings liveliness to an otherwise boring and monotonous homely environment. A darker borderline suits it well if the space concerned is large. If you are someone very aggressive and resolute, then the darker colors may be the most suitable for your rooms. You can also try burgundy, which is a mixture of brown and red. A dark color in bathroom is certainly a pleasant experience for the eyes. Whatever granite countertops colors you choose, it should highlight be an extension of you personality. Different colors suit different personalities, so make sure you choose the most appropriate color.

Tropical Brown Granite for Your Kitchen Countertops

One of the major decisions you will have to take if you choose to renovate or to redecorate your kitchen is the color scheme and the material for your countertops. In recent years, tropical brown granite counter tops have become extremely popular. These countertops have brown as their base color with tan brown and black specks. This granite is mined in Saudi Arabia, and was at one time relatively expensive. However, in recent years this stone can be purchased at reasonable prices. A major reason for choosing tropical granite for your countertop is the unusual color. Interior design experts say that it is a color which is warm in the winter, but in summertime, the tan brown and black specks give it a light sparkling dimension.

A second major reason for choosing tropical granite for kitchen countertop is that it is extremely strong and durable. Those that use their kitchens regularly or simply enjoying cooking as a hobby are attracted by the hard wearing nature of this stone. Brown granite can be used both in the interior and the exterior. Those who admire this stone often install this granite in their kitchen and then choose to install it as a fireplace in the sitting room. This enables the kitchen and sitting room to be in harmony with one another. Numerous interior decorators adore this stone as it is a stone that is versatile and can be used in a number of rooms, as well as outside in the garden.

If you are unsure as to whether that tropical brown granite is the right choice for your kitchen, the majority of kitchen showrooms or manufacturers are more than happy to let you have a sample. Taking away a sample enables you to ask your friends and family what their opinion of this stone. If you do not have the financial means to employ an interior designer, and certainly the majority of people do not, then staff from where you intend to purchase the tropical granite will be happy to advise you on color schemes.

And then, although tan brown granite countertops are extremely sturdy and hardwearing they do still need to be looked after and regularly cleaned. Some owners of this type of countertop mistakenly think that abrasive solvents and cleaning products can be used on this type of stone. However the opposite is the case, clean soft cloths, preferably cotton should be used to use to clean this granite countertops.

Some kitchen showrooms have deals that include free installation of the countertops with the purchase of tan brown granite. You may be able to find some reductions by looking out for end of year sales. If you decide to purchase the granite, not only, for your kitchen countertops but also for other rooms in the house, it is certainly worth asking if there are any discounts available. However, one thing for sure those who purchase these types of countertops are always extremely happy with the finished product.