Saint Cecilia Granite: 5 Facts You Must Know

Saint Cecilia granite is one of the most recommended pieces to house owners. It makes your house prettier and fancier in a certain way no other material can do. If you plan to use this granite, you have a terrific start. However, you may want to know several facts about this granite before you use it.

The Origin

Granite comes from so many places. However, Santa Cecilia granite is known to be first quarried in Brazil then named after a saint for its beauty. Brazil is known for many quarries producing magnificent granite. Other than India, Brazil makes the biggest granite maker in the world. This granite is one of the natural ones from the country. The look represents elegant and flexibility in one way. This explains why many designers use it in their modern or classic interior plan. Right now, there are many stocks of this kind of granite almost everywhere. Not all of them are genuine Santa Cecilia. Most of them are just fakes or other variation on the similar look. If you are an interior lover, you will know the difference. The original one always comes from Brazil. Now that you know the origin of this granite, you also need to know the shades and contour of it. This will tell you why everyone finds it beautiful and reliable, and why most designers like to recommend it to house owners.

Shades and Contour

This granite is often called the Venetian gold as well due to its natural tones. If you don’t know it, this granite is known for its white and gold dominant colors. If you read an ad in a shop window saying new Venetian gold granite, it means they are offering you the same Santa Cecilia. This other name is derived from the color that resembles gold well-known to be used in Venice. It looks elegant and divine, but somehow, it also looks fashionable. It remains fashionable for the whole time.   The gold alone tells a long story. It comes out of the deep depth quarry, and the shade is the result of oxidation for million years. Yes, this granite worth million years process. Meanwhile, the white color comes from bigger depth quarry. The white shade makes the granite brighter in combination. However, just as other granite, this one is stable and durable. It is durable for decades of usage too, and the beautiful look will remain the same with proper maintenance and cleaning. This is beautiful inside and out.

Price and Application

It is based on personal perspective in deciding if the price is low or expensive enough for you. There is any particular guideline on the price, and it tends to change from time to time. Sometimes, you find it cheaper, and many times, you find it even more expensive. The case is this granite comes from natural stone worth millions of year process. For estimation only, Venetian gold granite tiles can cost around $6 to $10 each. The installation will run from $35 to $45 per square feet. Your budget should include installation price if you don’t want more surprises. Instead of buying tiles, you can also try to purchase the raw materials that cost around $18 to $23 per square feet. Raw material is a preferable choice if you can find your construction solution like your worker for it. This will cut your budget on a significant amount. However, you are advised to give your granite some sealing. Fortunately, you don’t need to for this granite during the first year. Later, you can apply impregnator once a year.

Maintenance and Cleaning

St Cecilia granite is not hard to clean and maintain. This granite is known for its smooth and firm surface. It will not absorb liquid or spills. The benefit on this is you don’t need unique solutions to clean it, even though your supplier may have suggested several brands. When you spill something while cooking, you only need to wipe the surface using water damped towel. Why do you have to use towel? O you don’t have to. You can use almost anything else that absorb water well to absorb things you spill. Wiping it out is enough. It is already clean. Then, you can dry it with a dry cloth or towel. You don’t need a special routine to clean this granite. Just clean it when you need to. In addition to it, you can also apply an impregnator on the surface to protect the look and surface condition. On this granite, it is not necessary until later years. The impregnator is commonly durable enough. The usage and brand will affect the durability. However, usually, you only need to reapply the impregnator once a year.

Possible Application in the House

Granite, with its lovely and very hard surface, makes perfect fit for almost all part of the house. If you are building a house and you choose to use Santa Cecilia light granite, it will fit you in so many ways. Commonly, your designers will recommend you to use it for your kitchen and bathroom. You can have gorgeous countertops of it. It is easy to clean and maintain, and it looks super fashionable. You can also use this material as new backslash, making your kitchen far more elegant. Your vanity will do well with it at the top too. Or, you can cover your bathroom wall with this for a royal and regal look inside. Granite wall is also perfect for your hall, dining room, and patio. Alternatively, you can also use this material to create landscaping in your garden or flooring your terrace. The entire house with granite flooring is also a great investment.

In sum, this granite is a terrific choice. It looks brilliant in a unique way, and it is easy to clean and maintain. You will have fascinating life in this house. It is also available on more affordable price, explaining why designers always feature this on their plan. Choosing Saint Cecilia granite is a wise choice you made.