Is Black Galaxy Granite the Choice for Your Remodel?

Granite: it’s among, if not the, top choice for those who are completing home remodel or home upgrade processes. Gorgeous in its sheen, shine, and so many different shades, while maintaining an impressive and incredible toughness when faced with daily wear and tear, granite is a natural stone that can withstand everyday use and add beauty into any room it’s placed within. Many choose to add granite throughout the rooms in their home during a remodeling project in order to add value to their home, increasing its worth, but it has also become a popular choice due to the wide variety and versatility of the many different shades, patterns, and forms of this amazing stone. Over the past few decades, granite has become the product of choice for countertops, vanities, and backsplashes — among other projects and items — in homes around the world.

Black Galaxy Granite

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Why choose granite? Well, it’s a stone with a renowned reputation. Granite, in recent years, has become an increasingly popular home addition thanks to its many admirable qualities. Grown naturally in mines everywhere in the international community — from the United States to Italy to Iran to Indonesia — granite can be found in so many different colors, variations, sizes, and even grains. It is both a strong and reliable product for the home, able to withstand great temperatures, great potentially damaging forces, and even many years of use. Yet for all of these many strengths, granite is also a beautiful stone, the product of millennia of minerals, crystals, and even magma blending together into the gorgeous form of an igneous rock. One of the most prominent reasons that granite grew in popularity is its incredible durability. Granite, as the product of exceptionally hot lava and magma cooled into unique and varied slabs of color, stripe, pattern, and even size, is a stone that is used to very high temperatures. After all, lava that was thousands of degrees in temperature spurred its formation; as a result, granite countertops and natural slabs can withstand even the hottest of pots. Install granite in your kitchen, bathroom, or yes, even bedroom, and you will not need to worry about what you place upon its surface. Granite is able to tolerate both exceptionally hot temperatures and incredibly cold temperatures — and it does not crack under the pressure or temperature of each. Place a pan just off the stovetop on it, or set a freshly iced bottle of liquid upon it, and your granite will withstand both.

Galaxy GraniteIn addition to its exceptional handling of various temperature extremes, granite is not a stone that damages easily. While tile-based, wood, and Formica surfaces are all known to buckle under years of average daily use, prone to the cut marks of knives and the scratches left behind from the scraping of dishes, utensils, and various cooking adventures, granite does no such thing. In fact, granite is among the toughest and sturdiest of all natural materials — forged in the fiery temperatures of volcanic material, it does not give in to the scratches, dings, and dents caused by your work upon its surface. Simply put, granite does not scratch or dent; if you test its strength against the blade of your favorite kitchen knife, the granite countertop or slab will remain unmarred — meanwhile, the blade of your knife will become damaged and dulled in the process. So, granite is an excellent choice when considering home remodel and upgrade processes. But an even more important, and perhaps even more overwhelming, question remains: how do you know what variety of granite is best suited for both your needs and your style? In order to choose the best granite slabs for your home, you’ll need to explore the many different kinds of granite available through fabricators, retailers, and home improvement shops. As you embark upon your search for the best granite, you should consider Galaxy granite. This granite is an unusual variety of the stone, rare in mines and quarries around the world and desired by so many. Below, you will find the back story of this granite — and a variety of ways in which you can incorporate it into your own kitchen, bathroom, or other area of the house during your upgrade or remodel.

How Black Galaxy Granite Came to Be

As mentioned above, granite is a natural stone, grown by and of the Earth itself. Because of this, no two slabs of granite — this variety and the many others that exist — share identical markings, veins, and variations. Even if a type of granite grows within the same mine, the same space, and even the same square inches, it can vary greatly in its colors, markings, and thickness. So, be aware when looking at and considering the purchase of Black Galaxy granite that no two slabs will be the same in appearance. The very first quarry to produce Galaxy granite opened in the beginning of the 1980s, then known under the name of Star Galaxy granite. Although many different sources claim to have been the first to discover Black Galaxy, including one that cites its origins in Japan, true Black Galaxy was already being mined by the time of those other sources. As this variety of granite grew in its popularity, people around the country of India raced to begin their own quarries and mines to harvest the stone; today, even commercial groups with mines extending over 20 acres are part of the production of this type of granite.

Black Galaxy granite is a stone that grows in the town of Markapur, within the state of Andhra Pradesh in the nation of India. Only fifty different boulder quarries, or mines, in this locale are able to produce galaxy granite variant. However, only a few of these 50 different mines operate year-round, meaning this granite is not a prevalent and market-saturated stone. Keep in mind that each stone and slab of Black Galaxy does differ — some may feature stunning and sparkling veins of brilliant gold against its deep, dark background, while others exhibit large specks of that same gold, bright blobs and patterns against a dark sky. In its composition, Galaxy granite ranges from fine to medium grade, categorized as a black gabbro granite that features golden or yellow broncite sparkles. Today, it is estimated that Black Galaxy grows within an area of about 1,000 acres — and nearly 70 percent of all that is mined or quarried comes from Chennai in India. Also known by other names — Amethyst Black, Black Star Galaxy, and even Midnight Madness — this variety of granite stone is one of the most popular around the world. Galaxy granite has become so popular that it has been imported into every continent within the international community, making it one of the most widespread and successfully sold forms of granite.

Although every slab differs, those who are considering adding this granite to their home remodel project have great odds: most slabs and blocks of this granite are very consistent, exceptionally close to one another in their appearance. So, if you like the look of a slab of this variety online, chances are you can find something similar at your local fabricator, granite retailer, or home improvement shop. It is important to purchase your Black Galaxy granite from a single slab or single reputable source; because it grows naturally in so many different patterns and shades, you will not want to mix together two vastly different stones in the creation of your cohesive project.

Beautiful, Versatile, and Durable

Galaxy Granite CountertopsOnce you have selected Black Galaxy as your granite stone or slab of choice, there are so many different benefits to incorporating it into the design and style of your home. Black Galaxy, with its depth and class, is both gorgeous in appearance and versatile — meaning it can be placed anywhere, no matter the colors or style aesthetics already in place. Black, after all, goes with anything. Why should you choose black countertops? After all, doesn’t the color black show more dirt, more fingerprints, and more marks than any other color that can blend stains, damage, and use? Black Galaxy, in fact, is a variety of granite that fits with so many different colors of kitchen cabinets, backsplash tiles, flooring, and even wall paint that it will suit what you already have in many cases. It is a form of granite that works exceptionally well against light backgrounds — for example, if you have white or light brown cabinets, or a white marble backsplash or white walls, Black Galaxy will add depth and balance into any room.

Here are a few different options to consider:

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  • Contrasting colors: pair Galaxy granite countertops or tiles with light-colored backsplash or cabinetry
  • Pair darks together: use Black granite with an equally dark backsplash, in shades of dark gray or black to enhance its varied sparkles and shines.
  • Choose a complement: pair Black Galaxy with similarly Earth-based colors, such as browns in shades of both light and dark, or even mid-range colored marbles.


In addition to its beautiful coloring and sparkles of gold, Black Galaxy granite is also a very durable material. Sure, many different types of granite are resistant to average wear and tear; Black Galaxy, however, is highly resistant to great heat, high moisture levels, and even the chemicals of typical household cleaning products. When having this variety of granite installed, make sure that you choose a sealed variety. If you choose to use this granite vatiety as flooring tile, or in a commonly active area like the kitchen countertops, you will want an extra layer of protection in order to keep it safe from scratches, dust, dirt, and even dropped items. Luckily, this granite is a very dense variety of granite stone. Thanks to this quality, it features a very small amount of micro fissures and pitting. While many varieties of granite are split, cracked, and fissured because of its process of creation, Black Galaxy is much less prone to natural fissures and openings. All forms of natural stone, and granite, are highly recommended to be sealed in order to add longevity and protection to the final product.

What to Do with Your Galaxy Granite

Now that you have decided Black Galaxy granite is the stone that best suits your home remodel, or updating project, it is time to determine exactly how, and where, you will implement it in your home. Black Galaxy granite is an incredibly versatile stone that suits any room, any project, any area of your residence. A common material in kitchens, particularly when it comes to countertops, It’s often found in the cooking and bathroom areas. However, it does not need to be limited or relegated to these areas within your home. So often, Black granite is turned into tiles for flooring or countertops; however, its glossy and glistening nature makes it fantastically finished for surfaces like bathroom counters and even the tops of vanities. Once you have decided that Black Galaxy is the best option for your at-home projects, it is important to see the slab you have chosen in person.

Because granite is a natural stone, as mentioned previously, every single slab of it — in the variety and others — varies greatly. You may see one piece that features strong, bold streaks of gold, and yet another that displays subtle specks of shining silver and gold. It is due to this that you need to see every slab you are considering. After all, who wants to end up with an oddly unattractive piece of Black Galaxy laying upon their countertops or vanity? Additionally, it is important to check out the quality and appearance of your slab of Galaxy granite in person so that you can check the absorption rate. One of the only — and most commonly — reported complaints about Black Galaxy granite is its quick absorption of any sealing products. When a sealant is applied, it can soak into the stone itself, making the sealant need repeated application. Before purchasing your slab, ask your local fabricator or granite retailer if your variety of granite needs any additional sealing measures.