Granite Remnants and The Benefit You Can Get

So, you’re remodeling your home – you’re bringing beautiful updates into your kitchen, your bathroom, your living rooms, and every other inch of your space. Taking on a remodeling project, whether throughout every room in your home or in just one, is a massive task. With so many decor details to consider, and a budget to keep in mind, a remodel can turn the process of creating your dream home into a tricky challenge. Will you add granite marble, caesarstone, silestone, or maybe soapstone? Are the white or green granite varieties best? With the right materials, you can avoid some of these headaches that lie ahead. Many people choose to incorporate gorgeous slabs of granite into the homes when remodeling – the stone’s durability and beautiful appearance in so many variations make it an excellent way to update entire rooms. Before you begin buying the many pounds of granite you’ll need for your remodel, consider using granite remnants.

Granite, especially granite marble, is such a desirable material that homeowners and interior designers use it to create incredible countertops, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom sinks, and even more unique ideas throughout houses. However, because every piece of granite is a natural form of silestone and a rarity, it’s an expensive and pricey item. If you’re looking for ways to save a bit, budget-wise, you don’t have to give up on granite. Instead, you can utilize remnants of granite to achieve the remodel you desire without breaking the bank. Granite marble remnants are widely available, with many suppliers offering granite slab remnants for sale at a steep discount. Read on to find out exactly what benefits you can gain by using granite stone leftover.

granite remnants

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What, Exactly, are Granite Remnants?

You may be familiar with granite, but this type of granite are a different variety of the oft-used stone. Though many choose to use granite and tile, or even granite marble, to create a gorgeous vanity, these tend to be large-sized pieces of stone. Granite remnants are essentially the leftovers of larger slabs of the stone, pieces that were cut off and not used in the creation of counters, cabinets, tables, or any other home remodel project. When a customer or homeowner purchases granite to create the floor, room, or counter of their dreams, those who install the stone must cut it to size. This means that every granite project leaves remnants, or extra cut-off pieces, behind when it’s complete. Because they are often too small to use, these granite aren’t incorporated into additional projects throughout the home.

However, marble remnant slabs aren’t waste. In fact, they can be reused and adapted into countless other uses – and are an excellent alternative to purchasing massively sized pieces of granite. Typically, this granite are small in size, not large enough to cover major home remodel or improvement projects but perfectly sized for lesser work. Because they are pieces that have been cut off of an original slab, they may be oddly shaped and sized. These are the leftovers, the rounded corners of another person’s countertops, or the short rectangles of an already-completed backsplash in another’s bathroom. Each will also vary in grain, thickness, and even color, in addition to the different size and shape of the granite remnant slabs you’re able to find.

Due to these differences in size, they can prove challenging to use in your own home update or remodel process. Additionally, you may find remnants in varied forms: silestone, caesarstone, and soapstone are also great options when choosing your tile and granite. Keep in mind that they can vary widely and greatly, and that incorporating them into your project may require some flexibility. Yet with a bit of creativity, a unique vision, and an open mind, you can combine different granite tile to give your home and its rooms the upgrades you desire.

The Benefits of Granite Remnants

Granite Slab RemnantsPerhaps the number one benefit of choosing it is the financial saving. Marble remnants are cheaper than wholesale granite, allowing you to choose a color and variety of granite you like without going over-budget. When granite are left behind after the cutting and completion of home remodel projects, they offer the perfect opportunity to grab granite pieces at a highly reduced price. When a customer orders a set amount of granite, they pay for the entire amount ordered. As the granite is installed, and cut to size, the granite slabs leftover are sent back to the company who provided it. Because the customer has already pre-paid for these leftover pieces, the company is able to offer it to new customers at significantly reduced rates.

If your budget is strained, or you’re looking for a few ways to save money while remodeling, turn to granite slab remnant pieces. They are the cheapest, most affordable form of granite stone available in the market – you can save anywhere from 10 to 90 percent on the granite of your choice if you purchase granite marble and tile remnants instead of full-size, solid slabs. With granite typically priced from $65 to $120 per square foot, the choice to use and incorporate remnants instead can leave you with a savings of hundreds of dollars. Thanks to those savings, you can install granite marble, granite and tile, or even varieties like soapstone or silestone anywhere you’d like.

Not interested in a variety of smaller granite pieces? Large granite leftover slabs can also be found. Check with the companies near you that offer granite and tile remnant sales – some may have the remnants from business-sized granite work that you can use in the creation of your own countertops or other projects. Industrial granite work leaves behind larger granite pieces, thanks to varying quarries and mines that produce oddly sized and shaped slabs of granite or soapstone. Or, if your vanity requires some particularly unique stones or colors, like white or green, you can choose tile or even granite marble in any remnants you can find.

Ways to Use Your Granite Remnants

Looking for ways to incorporate stone remnants into your remodel? These versatile and affordable pieces of leftover granite from previous projects can be used throughout the home, in any room of your choice. Here are some ideas to incorporate this affordable granite in a variety of ways:

  1. In the bathroom – Want to spruce up your bathroom and vanity with a granite touch? Use it to create a unique and beautiful backsplash behind your sink and underneath your mirror or medicine cabinet. Or, if you find thinner remnant granite slabs, you can even turn those caesarstone pieces into gorgeous shelves to hang and hold your bathroom necessities.
  2. In the kitchen – Turn your remnants piece into a tile backsplash for your kitchen counters. It will add an attractive touch, while also keeping your walls safe from the water of your kitchen sink. You can also use small stone as kitchen accessories, using them as trivets, cheeseboards, or even display pieces.
  3. In the dining room – Want to spruce up your favorite dining table, where everyone gathers to eat with the look of granite marble, or silestone? Use a larger remnant or two and make a brand new tabletop for your dining room. It would provide a beautiful setting against which to use your favorite dishes and table-setting accessories.
  4. In the living room – Turn your coffee table into the centerpiece of your living room by adding granite piece to its top. Much like with a dining room table, you can replace the wooden or glass top of your coffee table with granite slabs, and make it an eye-catching piece. Or, employ smaller marble as beverage coasters, fireplace tiles, bookcase ends, or even shelves.
  5. In the backyard – Create a unique and attractive backyard environment by using soapstone or granite tile as stepping stones, drink coasters, the backsplash of a barbeque area or sink, or even an addition to stone walls. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can also create your own DIY mosaic by cementing multiple small granite pieces together into artwork.

No matter how to where you choose to place and use granite remnant slabs, the addition of this beautiful, diverse, and different stone will change your rooms and home. Granite and tile remnants are an easy and affordable way to incorporate pricey granite into your remodel, and are readily available via companies and contractors in your area. Do a bit of research to discover where this marble and granite are for sale near you, and you’ll find yourself saving hundreds of dollars by choosing remnants over whole slabs.