Granite Remnants – Affordable Price for Best Quality Granite

There’s one type of countertop apparent in households around the world: the granite countertop. It’s a sight seen in kitchens, in bathrooms, in dining rooms, and even outdoor barbecue areas. So many homeowners, designers, or even renters, in the midst of remodels, choose to change the look of their home by adding granite in various ways and places. Granite remnants are beautiful, natural stone that, when polished and sized, makes for attractive and appealing counter tops and surfaces anywhere it’s used. Every stone of granite is differently colored, shaped, and decorated. Some feature veins of glittering gold and silver while others include specks of deep reds or dark blues. Granite is more than pretty in its appearance; it’s also an incredible study stone, able to withstand wear and tear over not just years, but decades.

Granite, additionally, is not the only durable and attractive stone choice for home upgrades or remodels. There are plenty of attractive options of granite slabs and countertops or vanities: marble, Silestone, soapstone, and Caesarstone are all wonderful options. Each offers its unique qualities, suited for different styles and looks. Whether you’re considering upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, vanity, or other rooms at home with the addition of one of these natural stones, you don’t have to spend significant amounts of money and break your budget. Instead, you can consider using granite remnants, or other stone pieces, to get the counter tops you desire at a significantly reduced price.

Granite Remnants

Granite quartz remnants, whether marble, or even soapstone in their form, come in just about every shape, size, and natural coloring available selections. The countless varieties of granite like santa cecilia granite, costa esmeralda, uba tuba, black galaxy, kashmir white, Silestone, and others available when you’re looking granite remnants for sale for your home remodel are also available in remnant form — remnants are simply smaller cuts of the same stones. Remnants are the leftovers from larger projects, and the pieces cut off of massive slabs when they were sized and installed in others’ homes. Though often unique in their size and shape, these granite remnants are available at incredibly affordable prices. Often significantly reduced in their price, this selection of granite are not only cheap; they also allow homeowners to perform a remodel without ruining their budgets. Additionally, remnants are an excellent choice for a smaller project.

The following is a discussion of the many different benefits, and any potential negatives, of each type of stone that can be used to create beautiful counter tops, vanity spaces, and outdoor areas.

Why Granite is Great

Costa Esmeralda Granite for Dinning TableGranite is a popular choice for so many home and rooms because of its versatility and timeless beauty. Available in so many shades, styles, and even thicknesses, it’s a stone able to be used just about anywhere. Not a single slab of granite is identical to another — although they may grow in the same natural environment or quarry and share a color or name, every stone of granite features different swirling veins, flecks of color, and sparkling shine. Incredibly, granite also increases a home’s value when it is installed and added, offering benefits for those who may be looking to sell their house. It’s a study material, difficult to scratch and able to withstand high, hot temperatures. And, it’s straightforward and easy to clean, another important factor. Its only negatives, per owners’ comments, granite counter tops can be damaged if acidic liquids or materials are left on their surface for extended periods of time.

When it comes to installing granite in your home, you don’t have to use the largest pieces you can find. Although it’s most typical and characteristic for remodeling agencies to sell incredibly large slabs so customers have as much as they may need (and extra, just in case), the leftover pieces from these projects are an equally excellent choice. In smaller sized pieces, this granite pieces can be used to either create counter tops and tables or on backsplashes and similarly sized areas.

Choose Marble for Long-Lasting Beauty

Costa Esmeralda Granite ApplianceEqually beautiful as granite and famed for its use throughout history as a building material, marble in every shade and variety is an excellent choice for a kitchen, bathroom, or another room update. Why was it so commonly used? Granite Quartz is a robust and sturdy building material that can stand the test of time. Marble is another naturally grown stone, mined in the mountains of America, Europe, and even Asia. As it develops into a slab, marble features veins and patterns similar to those found in granite formations — and in this material, too, no two stones are alike. It’s a porous rock, a lower hardness level than granite but more resistant to chipping and denting.

Most popular is white marble, which is becoming an ever-growing choice to add brightness and light into a home. If you choose to use white marble remnants, be aware that this stone counter top variety can develop stains. This can be prevented by selecting different shades of marble stone, like green, black, or pink. Make sure to wipe up all spills immediately after they happen, and keep the stone free from extremely hot or wet objects. Quartz remnants are versatile, able to be used in any area of the home — and, with such a storied history of use in the residences, palaces, and monuments throughout the world, it’s a stone material that will never go out of style. No matter where you choose to utilize marble remnants, you’ll add beauty to your home.

Sturdy Silestone is an Excellent Choice

The above stones are all natural in their creation, but Silestone is entirely different in how it forms. It’s a brand, a company fabrication stone made in a lab — but luckily, this means every piece of Silestone comes with a 25-year warranty, making it a new favorite for those remodeling or upgrading their homes. Made of granite quartz, one of the hardest and strongest materials in the world, Silestone is incredibly durable and able to resist the damage of chipping, scratching, and even staining. Unlike piece granite remnants, which feature fissures and tiny cracks wherever their attractive veins appear, Silestone is entirely smooth and sealed. Only excessive force can cause cracks or damage this remnant variety.

One of the most unusual yet helpful qualities of installing Silestone remnants in your kitchen, bathroom, sinks or even outdoor barbecue area is its anti-bacterial property. Stain resistant and non-pourous, it’s a sturdy remnant to use; however, Silestone also features advanced bacteriostatic technology, helping to prevent the spread of germs throughout your home as the counters are touched and used. It’s beautiful, too, though less of a common choice than granite or marble pieces. It fits with any decor, and can be an excellent addition during a remodel.

Or, You Can Pick Soapstone

Costa Esmeralda GraniteIn addition to the above stone varieties, there is soapstone. This stone remnant earned its name because of its tactile feel; when people touch soapstone, their hands and fingers encounter a soap-like sensation. With a high concentration of talc, it offers a counter top and backsplash unlike other forms of stone. Unlike granite or even marble, soapstone doesn’t grow with veins or varied patterns. Instead, it appears in many different colors, developing a shiny patina while in its natural environment.

Soapstone countertops, tabletops, vanities, and other installations are easy to care for — it’s a stone that can be cleaned with nothing more than water. It’s resistance to stains, chemical products, and water is high. However, many report that it is not as sturdy or as durable as granite. It can be easily scratched, and difficult to repair if problems arise. It may be best to stick to soapstone remnants, which are not only cheaper but intended for smaller-scale home remodeling projects. Use it as a backsplash, to frame a mirror, or even as coasters around the house to keep water from damaging various surfaces.

Caesarstone, or Quartz, Offers a Beautiful Blend

One variety of stone that’s grown popular in home updates and upgrades is Caesarstone. However, this is not a stone like granite, Silestone, or even soapstone; it is a variety of granite quartz, incredibly hard and equally durable. Sure, granite and marble remnants are strong stones that live long lives, but as a quartz material, Caesarstone and similar varieties are even stronger, even more, resilient to wear, tear, and potential scratching. Unlike natural stones shaped, smoothed, and cut into remnant pieces, Caesarstone is a branded stone, an engineered variety created by humans like Silestone. Because of this, the stone is easier to cut and shape — and your choices for remnant pieces will most likely be more routine in their cut, and more comfortable to use in your desired projects. It is a scratch resistant stone, but not one that can be used in place of a cutting board. Its makers recommend avoiding direct cutting upon the surface stone, but that’s the only care required.

Most who utilize or add Caesarstone remnants in their kitchens, bathrooms or backyards rate it highly, completely satisfied with the addition. Many suggest seeing your Caesarstone slab before it’s purchased to ensure it offers the shine and sparkle you want in your countertop. The number one issue Caesarstone purchasers report finding is not with the stone itself, but with the actual installation and upgrade process. This type of remnant or countertop slab must be installed with care, placed correctly by an experienced company or installer.

Remnants Work in Any Form

Santa Cecilia Kitchensink ApplianceNo matter which variety of remnant you like best, or choose to use in your kitchen, bathroom, vanity, or backyard, a stone remnant offers the quality, beauty, and durability just like more traditional slabs. Choose from traditional granite remnants, a common fixture on the countertops and vanities of homes around the world; or, utilize marble remnants for a real class of stone, the material that shaped so many famed places. Or, you can choose to go a different, less conventional route by opting for silestone or Caesarstone, two different materials that are manmade fabrication, yet equally sturdy and stunning in their appearance.

Remember that granite remnants are a choice for those on a budget — but anyone can add a granite or other stone remnant to their home projects to save money and add beauty. Use remnants to create a uniquely tiled countertop in the kitchen or bathroom, or apply remnants to the backsplash area of your walls to keep water damage at bay. You can even utilize stone remnants of any variety and style around a fireplace, as coasters, or as tabletop replacements for coffee tables and nightstands. Get creative with remnants, and you’ll not only cut costs, but also achieve the upgraded style you’re looking to create. You don’t always have to follow the traditional route and process when adding granite into your home; different stones can create different looks.