Granite Countertops Buying and Choosing Color Guide

Granite are known for their durability and beauty. Most granite countertops dealers in Houston or Denver will actually tell you that it is the reason why they do not come cheaply. However, using them as countertops in your house will be cheaper in the long run, since you will not need to replace them repeatedly as it is with other forms of solid countertops. Granite counter-tops come in many sizes and colors. Their quality is measured in tiers and the high tier granite cost more than the lower tier one. Granite countertops have a natural glow, they are easy to clean and do not get stained easily. However, you need to take good care of them to avoid breakage. For instance, cutting vegetables on them is prohibited since applying too much pressure on them can make them to break along the grains.

There are many granite countertops dealers in Houston or other state that sell granite countertops at different prices. Of course, some will tend to overcharge customers especially the ones who are not well informed. To avoid such incidents, people are advised to carryout research on their own about the availability and the prices of granite countertops. Most granite countertop seller in Houston or other places have websites. This is good news to those who want to deal with then since much information about the quality and the prices of their goods can be found on their websites. Clients who have dealt with them before will always post reviews and comments about the pricing and quality of such countertops.

The economic times are lean and most people would welcome any opportunity that would enable them to save for a rainy day. There are some strategies that one can use to buy even the high tier granite at cheaper prices. One of them is to buy your granite directly from the supplier or by using granite remnants. In this case, you will have avoided paying the extra cost that intermediaries add on their goods to make profits. Secondly, you can approach a tiller and request him if you can use his trade account. Tillers have good relationships with most granite countertop dealers since they buy in bulk. Therefore, they qualify for cash discounts. Buying through them will pass these benefits to you. Most granite countertop dealers will attest to the fact that there are many benefits of choosing granite as your counter top .This naturally occurring beautiful stone will leave an indelible mark to the interior finishing of your house.

How to Choose Best Granite Color Tips

Colors in granite countertops can add some pizzazz to your kitchen or bathroom. Granite is extremely durable. It’s stain resistant, resists scratching and even scorching. Many believe that granite is a luxury item and far too expensive to consider, but, in actuality is less expensive than similar looking materials, making it a solid value. A natural stone, granite grows upwards like mountains and is taken in large pieces, slabs actually. These pieces are processed for a variety of products. You can find granite products like walls, tiles, vanity tops, memorials and kitchen counter tops. You can spruce up your room with a single colored top or choose a tile top with a variety of colors. Granite products, such as counter-tops, come in hundreds of colors, so the options are nearly limitless.

There are some main colors used in counter-tops that includes black, brown, red, blue, green, white, peach, gray, beige, and mauve. There’s also a large variety of shade variations with each color and some colors are combined to provide a completely different look. Some believe that with the variations of color shades and mixtures, the color options are in the thousands, not just the hundreds. With a large selection of granite counter tops colors, one can surely find just the right color choice to brighten their room.

It can be difficult choosing from all the granite counter-tops colors available, so consider these tips when shopping for your new granite counter top.

Tip 1: The first thing you should do is find a warehouse that provides the largest selection of granite counter tops colors. It’s important to have the actual product available and not just a lot of samples. It’s best so that when it comes time for the cut, you can choose from the slabs instead of waiting to see what the company chose.

Tip 2: You should take a piece of your cabinet with you, like a door. You’ll be able to tell quickly if the granite countertops colors match by holding the cabinet sample against the counter-top.

Tip 3: You can take a flooring sample as well to compare. You want to pick your granite countertops colors so that they flooring and countertop complement each other for the best look of your room. If it’s a new structure, you should choose the flooring once you’ve chosen the granite selection.

Tip 4: You want to make sure that the final choice in your countertop is one that isn’t just a good match with your components, but that you really like it. After all you have to live with it.

Tip 5: You’ll want to inspect the slabs of your granite, and look at a few slabs, to make sure they’re the same color, there’s no dark or light spots, or it’s not a pattern you don’t like. You’ll want to exclude these pieces from your cutting selection.

Granite countertops are a great way to spruce up your room, in addition to adding value to your home. Choosing to use granite is a good investment, choosing from the granite countertops colors and finding just the right one is beneficial for you.