Clean and Versatile Kashmir White Granite for Your Home

If you are in the midst of a home remodel, or a single-room update of your kitchen or bathroom, chances are you are considering adding granite in some way. Granite, a natural stone product that is beautiful in its many different colorings and varieties, has become a top choice for homes both near and far. Homeowners choose to replace their old and unsightly countertops worn down by decades of use with granite because it is attractive, sturdy, and able to retain its many qualities even after it has been the centerpiece of your kitchen or bathroom for many years.

Granite offers benefits that so many other types of countertop cannot. Where materials like ceramic type, Formica, and concrete-like slabs may appear attractive and stylish when they are first installed, they can lose their appeal over the decades that pass. Who wants to stare at an unsightly and outdated sprawl of countertops, perhaps the most noticeable aspect of any room? When you choose granite instead, you are both adding value to your home (after all, granite is a highly desirable item, thanks to its rarity and uniqueness) and ensuring that it will retain its beauty even as many years pass. Granite is a material that never goes out of style, and you will be happy with it long after your initial purchase and installation.

Kashmir White GraniteHowever, the benefits of granite do not end with its attractive appearance. It is also a highly durable stone, one that has an earned a reputation for being able to withstand everything from average wear to unusually high or low temperatures. Knives, the drops and bangs of plates and pots, and even heavy objects do not crack, damage, or even chip granite surfaces. In even the most high traffic areas of your home, granite will retain its smooth and shining appearance — the only fissures, or cracks, that may appear are those that formed during the stone’s growth in its mine or quarry of origin.

Of course, when you are choosing to add granite to your home during a remodel, update, or upgrade, there are so many decisions to make beyond simply saying “yes” to granite. What type will best suit your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, and fit with the color of your walls? Is there a variety known to be exceptionally durable, or perhaps a bit weaker than most granite? As you view and learn about the many different shades, stones, and patterns of granite, consider adding Kashmir white granite in your home. A soft yet colorful shade, Kashmir white marble may be the granite best suited for you.

What is Kashmir white granite?

If it is a light, clean and modern kitchen or bathroom that you seek to create, Kashmir granite is an excellent choice. Unlike so many other forms of granite, Kashmir white is actually not granite in the typical sense. It is a very light stone, but still solid and sturdy in its capabilities. However, many granite retailers and experts classify Kashmir white as granite because it shares the same properties as the stone. It resembles marble in its appearance, but is not as porous as a typical slab of marble, which places Kashmir white firmly in the category of granite.

One of the reasons Kashmir white marble is a popular stone is its gorgeous coloring. It is sought after because it has a high aesthetic value, with so many granite shoppers finding it to be overwhelming in its patterns, shades, and style. Kashmir granite can be identified by its bright white background, the most prominent color in every slab of this stone. Atop the white, shades of pale gray, brown, black, and berry-colored garnet are scattered in different arrays. The reason so many say it resembles marble in its appearance is because some slabs of this  granite feature gray, gold, cranberry, or even cream striations spanning their surface. When rays of natural light hit these stones, they appear to glow with brightness.

Granite-Slabs-Remnants-ApplianceIt is those beautiful, attractive colors that make Kashmir granite one of the most popular granite choices for homeowners. In fact, when people think of white granite, it is Kashmir white granite that they imagine. Known only by this name — no nicknames, no close cousins or other similar relatives — this gorgeous granite grows in quarries throughout southern India. Though it is rare, like all types of granite grown naturally, it’s actually grows in large amounts in mines of that area. Because every single slab and stone of granite, in the Kashmir granite variety and all others, differs from all others, the appearance of each countertop, slab, and square of this granite can have its own unique look. Luckily, if you love Kashmir white granite, it is a variety known to have very minimal variation — most share a similar appearance, meaning your very own slab of Kashmir white will look like a close relative of all others.

How can you implement and use this granite variety in your home? With its light, airy coloring, this variety of granite does not vary greatly in different types of lighting; it is always bright, no matter where it is placed. Even if your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are white or cream in color, topping them with Kashmir granite offers a very light room. If it is increased elegance that you seek in your home, pair this granite with dark cabinets to make it the star of your room.

If you are sold on the many beautiful qualities of Kashmir granite, you will be happy to learn that it is not a high-end variety. This means Kashmir white is not among the most expensive and pricey granites; instead, it falls in the middle range thanks to its widespread availability and number of quarries and mines. Typically, purchasers of Kashmir white pay from $60 to $70 per square foot, for a slab that is about 3 centimeters thick.

Watch for Potential Problems

Certainly, Kashmir white granite is a stone that is loved by many — beautiful, bright, and incredible in its appearance, who would not want to include it in their home? Though it is highly desired and sought after, a type of granite that suits nearly any backdrop and background coloring, it does come with a potential problem to be aware of: it is prone to stains. White, as many know and anticipate, is a color that is not friendly with food, dark-colored drinks, and any spills. This same philosophy applies to other granite variant. Before purchasing this granite, you will want to know that many homeowners are dissatisfied with its ease of staining.

Kashmir White Granite Table

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Pure, white, and very light in its coloring, it may be beautiful, but even the slightest spill or leftover food can alter the stone significantly. Even the slightest discoloration stands out against its white background. This variety of granite is very prone to stains over time, so it is important to take great care in the ways you maintain it. Unlike many different varieties of granite, which require nothing more than a wipe down with water and a towel and can withstand years of cleaning products upon their surfaces, Kashmir white cannot. In fact, the more you use chemical cleaning products on this granite, the more damage you will do to your new countertops. These products can leave a green tint upon the pristine white surface; stick to cleaning your counters with soapy water or granite-specific cleaning products in order to avoid these potential problems.

Because Kashmir granite is a finicky stone, it does need more frequent application of sealing products than all of varieties. Think of this granite as a sponge rather than a solid slab of stone; whatever you place upon it, it will absorb. To keep your countertops stain-free and long-lasting, apply several coats of granite sealer in order to protect it from discoloration. Additionally, you may want to keep certain products away from your white granite to be safe — owners of this stone report having staining problems with red juices, acidic items like orange or lemon juice, remnants of oil and grease, and even drippings of pasta sauces. If these spills and slip-ups do occur, though, you can take some measures to get rid of the stains. Many recommend blending baking soda and vinegar, or baking soda and water, and letting the mixture sit on top of the stain overnight. Wash it away, and you will find very minimal evidence of the stain left behind. If you want to be extra cautious with your new white countertops, consider doing all of your food preparation and cooking on top of cutting boards and placemats to prevent juices, fats, and oils from leaking onto your precious granite.

Choose Kashmir White Granite for its Versatile Style

When you are considering the purchase of granite for your kitchen, bathroom, or entire home remodel and upgrade, Kashmir white is a beautiful variety to consider. It is so bright, so light with its primarily white or cream coloring, spotted and speckled with grays, gold, silvers, and deep dots of garnet or berry. This shade, or variety, of granite is not a traditional style of the stone, grown slightly differently and with its own unique composition. However, because it is durable and dense, and shares so many qualities with natural granite, Kashmir white has been taken into the category as one of its own.

No matter what your home aesthetic, style, or design may be, Kashmir white granite can fit into the existing — or even new — decor scheme you desire. If you are installing, or already own, dark-colored cabinets, the bright white of these countertops will make the colors already in place pop dramatically. If your kitchen or bathroom features cream-colored installations, do not worry about adding white granite on top of these; the color variations that Kashmir granite carries will stand out amidst your light and airy space. Do remember to inspect your slab of granite before making the final purchase, as you would with any addition or building material. It is important to make sure you are having the best slab, of the quality and coloring you desire, installed in your home. For years to come, you will admire your Kashmir white granite additions — and so will all who enter your home, and see your gorgeous and stylish updates and upgrades.