Choose Granite Countertops Colors like a Pro

The various designs of kitchens and bathrooms have incorporated the use of granite countertops. The granite’s sophisticated design and colors bring a state of the art look on your kitchens and baths. Granite countertops colors vary depending on your choice; however, there are few colors that rise up above all the others. White and black are most popular granite colors. But today, as more and more people demand for other shades, you can now find red, brown, beige, earth colors, tan brown, white and pastel colors.

However, choosing the right color can be very difficult. The best way to solve that is to start with plain colors and patterns. A lot of online supplier of granite counter tops colors offers free sample, estimate and demonstration of colors. Ask their staff what is recommended and also tell them your ideas for them to make a suggestion of better color combination.

Here are very common granite colors that can help you decide which one to use:

  • Black granite brings elegance and masculine touch to any counter top it covers. It is a common color that serves all other designs and can be combined to other colors. Black granite has different shades and pattern, from midnight black to the softest gray; you will be able to come up with a smoky color with just one color.
  • White granite offers clean, open and spacious countertops. It is often the choice of the modern women. White granite is best combined with black as their shades blend perfectly. When combined together, it is recommended to have it alternately. White granite suggests a feminine touch to the countertop when installed. White granite can also be combined to any dark shade to get a result of a lighter and brighter countertop
  • Yellow granite countertop enhances the stream of sunlight. It provides a brighter surrounding and perfectly lighted worktop in the kitchen and even in the bathroom. There are several kinds of yellow granite. Make sure you choose the best shade that matches your specifications.
  • Green granite is perfect to those who love nature. It comes in different shades such as aqua green, sea green and forest green. Whatever your choice of shade, green is a relaxing color that you can apply for your countertop, bringing nature’s beauty inside your home.
  • Blue granite is a great color that you can install for your countertop. It represents the color of the ocean as well as a representation of the earth’s color. It is also available in several shades and patterns that fit perfectly for your kitchen counters and bathroom.

If you are the do it yourself type of person, you can find various ways and means to combine colors for your countertop. Your creativity can provide good judgment in setting up colors that will match your lifestyle. A good way to come up with a good finish is to have a theme. The idea of installing an ocean theme for your bathroom or even a garden theme for your kitchen will let you decide easier on what color, shade and pattern you are going to need. Consulting the color wheel is also one way to get the right color combinations.

Several granite countertops colors are only available upon request. These are what you call custom made. You can acquire them at a more expensive price. If you can combine colors and patterns, it is likely for you to come up with a good design without requesting your local supplier for a custom made granite countertops. Be creative and tap your resources.