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Choose Tan Brown Granite and What It Can Offer Your Home

When you are in the midst of a home remodel, whether it be in one room or every room of your dwelling, there are seemingly endless and countless decisions that must be made. Is it best to strip everything, walls included, and begin with a blank slate to build upon? Or, are only small and partial updates needed to refresh the space and make it feel as though it is new? How much can you spend — and which items are worth choosing to spend on, or are better off pinching pennies on? With a budget, a wealth of supplies, a contractor, and a whole host of other considerations to keep in mind, making even the simplest of decisions becomes difficult. One choice, however, should be a straightforward and easy one: which type of material to use in your kitchen and bathroom, and perhaps even your flooring or outdoor areas if you so choose. That material, a material that has become increasingly popular over the years, is tan brown granite.


Granite is a natural building material, a stone that develops in different areas of the world as its crystals grow together into a strong and beautiful slab. The product of lava and magma, cooled over years and hardened in so many different shapes, colors, and veins, granite has become a highly desired item to include in your home. With many benefits, such as long lasting durability and added home value, incorporating granite into your home remodel brings both new life and new style into every room in which it is used. Many consider granite to be far too expensive and pricey for them to purchase and use; however, the benefits outweigh so many of customers’ concerns prior to making the decision to use this gorgeous stone.

 Tan Brown Granite

When you are weighing granite as one of your options, both budget and price come heavily into play. How important are your countertops — and how much are you willing to spend on them? How will you use them — are you a family that puts a great amount of wear and tear on your counters and space? And what style are you considering — does granite suit this? Before you begin worrying about all of these factors, you may be surprised to discover that granite is not, in fact, out of your chosen price range. Because different types of granite are widely available, and even affordable, you simply need to know what varieties are suited for your budget. Thanks to widespread mines and quarries, and technological advancements in how granite is mined and processed, you can own granite for a low cost. You just need to know how to find the best granite for you, your home, and your bank account.


All granite is placed into a tier. The more readily available a type or strain of granite is, the more affordable it is. If a variety of granite is more rare, difficult to mine and limited in its availability, then it is labeled top tier granite — and these varieties are the priciest of those available. So, granite is within your reach, within your budget. But which types of this gorgeous stone are the best for those who seek to save money? If you are looking for a granite that is both attractive, appealing, and affordable, consider tan brown granite. A lower-tier granite, it is considered an “introductory” priced stone — and it is one that looks fantastic in so many different lightings, settings, and rooms.


Why Tan Brown is Best

This granite type may not sound incredibly attractive or stylish when you first hear its name. After all, shades of tan and brown tend to be boring, colors that will not suit those who seek a bright, light, and airy room aesthetic. However, that is not the case when you lay eyes on this granite. It is a natural stone slab that features a primarily brown background, flecked with spots and speckles of blacks and grays. Most slabs of this granite are colored with rust and dark chocolate shades of brown, some appearing almost black in their depth and dark coloring from a distance. It is an incredibly popular choice for those who wish to incorporate granite into their homes, their home upgrades, and their home remodels. Varied, with each slab completely different from the next, and gorgeous wherever it is installed, Tan brown granite is an exciting and nontraditional stone to use.


Part of the reason Tan brown granite is such a popular variety of this natural stone is its wide diversity in appearance and color. All slabs feature shades of browns and blacks, but some incorporate even more color — some feature beige, some display sparks of red, and some rare slabs may even host spots of light, bright blue. The appearance of each slab depends on the inclusions of quartz; every stone has a different makeup and quantity of quartz inclusions and crystals that give it its unique appearance. Grown in mines and quarries in the Andhra and Hyderbad regions of southern India, like so many other varieties of granite stones and slabs, Tan granite grows in different ways that give each piece its very own complex, interesting, and intriguing patterns. If you choose to use Brown granite in your home, you will own such a unique gem unlike any other, no matter how you use it throughout your space.


As you shop for your favorite slab of Tanned granite, be aware that it is known by a few other names: Copper Antique, Tuscan Spice, and even Tan Brown Blue are common alternative names for the very same. No matter what name you purchase this granite under, staring into the depths of its color and unique pattern is an experience. From a distance, this type of granite appears to be a simple two-toned piece, split into brown and black colored minerals. Upon closer inspection, however, you will realize that there is much more to the stone, to the countertop. Tan Brown granite holds beneath its shining surface deep, intense circles and spots of beautiful black — and these are surrounded by lighter grays, bringing lightness into contrast with those dark shades. So much variety exists in every inch of Tan Brown granite that you could gaze at it for hours, staring into the depths and different patterns that are present.


Up close, as you inspect slabs of granite, check to see if you can spot the individual tiny quartz crystals that shaped the slab into its current color and beautiful form. In sections scatted throughout the stone, you should be able to see these crystals sparkling, embedded into the light and dark shades of brown that make up its primary coloring. As granite fabricators polish granite slabs, the crystals hiding beneath the colored and oxidized minerals on top often peek through, giving a glint and a sparkle that catches both light and the eye of the viewer. These sparkling spots add elegance to your countertop granite, and will look even more wonderful as the natural sunlight and lights within your home catch them and make them glint.


Thanks to these crystals and gleaming, glinting spots within the stones of Tan brown granite, a slab of this variety does appear to take on different colors and patterns when placed in different types of lighting. Under the brightest lights — brilliantly sunny days, or intense indoor light bulbs — the lighter colors of browns and rusty reds pop and become more vibrant. In less well-lit settings, such as overcast mornings or dimly lit evenings, those colors fade into the stone’s background and instead bring the dark, deep browns and blacks to the prevalent forefront. Be sure to examine the slabs of this granite that you are considering purchasing under all different types of lighting so you can see just how it will appear in your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor area. It is crucial, whether you are shopping for brown granite or perhaps even another variety, to always view the actual slab or stone before it is cut for installation in your home. After all, you do not want to end up with a countertop or floor tiling that does not look as it did when you first decided it was the stone for you and your home.


Of course, keeping the cost of this granite in mind as mentioned above, Tan brown granite offers affordability in addition to these beautiful patterns and variations. It is quarried in very large quantities, readily available and easy to find at nearly any retailer or fabricator of granite stones and slabs. Although Tan Brown granite is in high demand, it is not incredibly rare — and this means it can be purchased easily and for a lower price than more rare and difficult to procure types of granite. Homeowners and granite purchasers can expect to pay mid-range prices for tan granite, approximately priced between $45 to $55 per 3 centimeter thickness for a single square foot. This reasonable price tag makes installing this granite in your home’s kitchen, bathroom, or other room a possibility.


Put Potential Concerns to Rest

So, you have decided to choose brown granite, to install it in your home in areas where it can be seen, appreciated, and enjoyed. We know that it is a beautiful stone, a type of granite that reflects different colors in different lighting to give your home an ever-changing appearance and classy look. But are there any drawbacks, any potential concerns that current owners of Tan Brown granite wish they had known prior to making their purchase and their decision?


Some owners of brown granite feel that it can, in certain lights, display fingerprints and smudge marks too visibly. When light hits this dark, complexly colored stone in the form of countertops, every place in which someone has touched the counter is evident and easily seen. However, homeowners do not consider this enough of a drawback that they regret choosing to install brown granite in high traffic, heavily used areas of their homes. In fact, the obvious fingerprints and marks that appear upon these countertops are considered a benefit by many: one owner, in an online review, remarked that seeing these signs of “dirt” and use prompt her to clean more frequently, and to ensure that her countertops are free of food, crumbs, and germs. All it takes it a bit of adjusting, and getting used to seeing these average, harmless marks on a darker-than-usual surface.


After making all of these important considerations, and deciding that brown granite is the best choice for you and your home, you are ready to enjoy the varied beauty of this incredible natural stone. Its effect is stunning, no matter where it is used — typically, countertops in kitchens and bathrooms are the most common choice — and you can even capitalize on its versatility by pairing it with existing cabinets, wall paints and wallpapers, and all that already exists in the rooms of your home. Combine tan brown granite however you choose, and you will find that the results are stunning. You will certainly be thrilled to have Tan Brown granite slabs, or countertops, in your home for decades to come.