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Costa Esmeralda: Why It’s an Excellent Granite Choice

Granite is a material beloved by many. Enter a home, and chances are high that at least one countertop, tabletop, or other surface is covered is a beautiful, shining slate of granite in some color and variety. An impressive and gorgeous natural stone, granite stems from origins throughout the word — it blossoms from the Earth itself into naturally created slabs of rock, differently colored, veined, and speckled depending on the sources that contributed to its formation. Such versatility, along with an incredible durability, have made granite a top choice in homes everywhere.

Countless individuals have opted to add granite into their homes, placing it in kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor areas such as garden tile. A material that has been used throughout history, throughout centuries, granite was the building stone of choice when the ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramids, and when the Romans designers brought their palaces and empire to life. Today, it forms many different items in the average home — and most choose to use it as a counter tops or backsplash material in the kitchen and bathroom. Why has this stone been so beloved over the years? With such variety, such beauty, and such class, granite brings a pricey, expensive feel when placed in any room or setting.

Costa Esmeralda Granite ApplianceOne of the reasons granite has become such a popular centerpiece in homes around the world is its toughness. As a strong, sturdy stone, granite is very durable — and it requires very little upkeep or maintenance. Granite, as the product of the Earth like so many other stones, is an igneous rock. It forms with a holocrystalline structure, a rock comprised of countless small crystals that band together to make a single stone; however, these crystals are stunted in their growth, and never reach their full size potential. Instead, they grow alongside one another until they blend together, growing into one solid slab of rock. Because these tiny individual crystals bond together during the process of creation, they weave into a strong and durable final product. That is how granite earned its name: grainy in appearance, a mixture of different colors and crystals. This interwoven origin is also what makes granite so damage-proof. Knives, bangs, and even drops can’t leave a mark. It’s a stone that will only chip under the pressure of great, excessive force.

Additionally, granite is not as pricey as a choice for those remodeling or upgrading their home. As a natural stone that is only available as it grows, with each individual slab different from the next, it can be purchased at very reasonable prices. Some colors and varieties are more common than others — for example, the very familiar gray slab, speckled with black and white veins and dots — and these can offer even greater savings, as those that are most readily available can be purchased from most granite stores. There are countess different colors and options when it comes to slabs of granite, and every type comes at a different price tag. Check with granite retailers to find a thickness, style, and color that suits your budget best. Because of this versatility and wide availability, granite allows homeowners to choose from so many slabs. Every stone of granite is comprised of different types of individual crystals, melded together during the formation and growth process. So many different crystal grow, and shape, over the centuries that the options are just about endless.

Bringing granite into your home and making it the beautiful centerpiece of a room — or even more than one — means you introduce the natural gorgeousness of these sturdy stones to liven up your space. No two slabs or varieties of granite are alike, every single stone different in some slight pattern or marking. Even more intriguing is how different veins, or varieties, of granite feature their own distinctive traits that tie them together. Covering your countertops, your tables, your bathroom sinks, your backyards with granite is an affordable and beautiful choice, no matter your style.

Costa Esmeralda Granite

Of course, because not a single stone of granite is similar in appearance nor identical to any other cut or piece, there are some very special types. Costa Esmeralda, which is also known as Costa Smeralda in some circles and companies, is one of these granite varieties. Gorgeously pale green in its color, each piece of Costa Esmeralda granite is found in boulder quarries located in the nations of Italy and Iran. It must be mined in these faraway lands, as much of the current supply of Costa Esmeralda is found in the Middle East. Every piece of this green granite can be identified by its standout white veins, appearing marbled and even richer. People around the world love Costa Esmeralda granite, as it is not only known for its green coloring — it can sometimes appear in the colors of gold, cream, and even pink when found in just the right section of a quarry. When the pink variety is found, it can sometimes be mistaken as rose granite.

The origins of Costa Esmeralda granite date back several billion years. Igneous in its formation, like all other varieties of granite, this stone took shape as its crystals met molten, boiling magma and lava, which cooled and solidified. A beautiful shade and stone, Costa Esmeralda granite stuns with its unique coloring and sparkling, shining veins. Interestingly, some report that Costa Esmeralda granite is not, in fact, the “traditional” type of granite; some granite experts believe that this version is instead what is called a Gneiss. This material shares many of its qualities with granite, but does tend to feature more fissures within each individual stone. Most, however, classify Costa Esmeralda as a normal granite, just like every other granite option available, as so many types have fissures as well.

Costa Esmeralda is, of course, known and recognized thanks to its green coloring. However, it isn’t green in the deep, forest-like color that many may imagine. Look at photos of Costa Esmeralda granite, and you’ll discover it is soft and more pastel, reminiscent of mint chocolate chip ice cream and the gentle green of candied, chocolate-covered Easter sweets. Drizzled across its surface are gold, white, or tan veins, each of which draws its own unique images, patterns, and shapes upon that soft color of green. Remember that, as a natural stone, the saturation level of the color and patterns of the veins do vary depending on where and how the granite grew, and where it was quarried. Some stones of Costa Esmeralda feature both light and darker greens, combining pale and dark. Depending on variations like this, Costa Esmeralda is often though of as an entirely green granite; upon closer inspection, such as checking close-up photos, its blended veins and different shades become clear. When gold appears in the mix, it is most commonly as rivers and lengthy bands. Only rarely does the gold within the mineral pop up in spots, specks, and flecks.

Because Costa Esmeralda is such a sought-after variety of granite, and does not grow widely throughout many different nations, it is one that varies greatly. No two pieces of granite are identical, but when it comes to Costa Esmeralda, multiple kitchens could feature the mineral and look completely different. Even when mined within the same quarry, Costa Esmeralda granite can appear in any of its many shades: pink, cream, light green, gold, or even tan. You can find a slab of this special granite that suits your kitchen, your bathroom, your home’s various fixtures; check with a granite specialist or retailer in your city to discover whether a light, medium, or perhaps even dark slab is most ideal.

Although Costa Esmeralda is such a greatly desired type of granite, it is not difficult to find when shopping for your home remodel or update. Keep in mind that this is a limited strain, or variety, and it may be a bit of a challenge to find the perfect slab for your home, kitchen design projects or style. The best course of action when searching for Costa Esmeralda granite is to shop around at a variety of different granite retailers or sellers. That way, you can see every slab available near you — or even at a distance, through online granite retailers who feature photos of their slabs — and compare pricing as you discover ones that are suitable. Gather a range of options, as well as the pricing for each, and view their photos or see them in person, if possible. You want to ensure the Costa Esmeralda slab you are buying is exactly what you love.

When it comes to the pricing of Costa Esmeralda granite, expect to pay more in price than you would for a more common and easier to mine variety. Because Costa Esmeralda is not a commonly mined variety of granite, and is more difficult to bring to the buyer from the mines, it is in high demand — and, of course, its beauty makes it a popular choice in so many different granite outlet. If you love the look of this granite, it is typical to pay about $40 per square foot for a slab that is 3 centimeters in thickness. If you seek a slightly thinner slab for your counters or projects, a 2 centimeter slab of Costa Esmeralda is often priced at $30 per square foot or you can look for this type of granite remnants for cheaper price. Thanks to its brilliant and beautiful coloring, it draws a pricier crowd in most cases.

Fortunately, whatever your budget is, if you’ve chosen to bring costa esmeralda granite into your home remodel for counter tops and other various uses, you’re adding great beauty to your space. It’s a sturdy stone, as mentioned previously, which makes it suited for both interior and exterior projects — you can use it to create table or counter tops inside your kitchen, or around your barbecue area in the backyard. No matter the temperature, it withstands both great heat and exceptional cold well. Many who already own Costa Esmeralda granite and have installed it in their homes remark that it’s a stone countertop that works best with light colors surrounding it; consider topping white or light colored wood cabinets for a gorgeous, soft appearance. With all other colors muted, the brilliant greens of this stone can stand out.

Like so many other types of granite stone, Costa Esmeralda is a durable and hardy stone, and makes an excellent countertop that isn’t easily damaged. It’s nearly impossible to scratch the surface of this stone, and even spills of acidic juices, coffee, and items like tomato sauce don’t leave disgusting and unsightly stain marks behind. If properly sealed by a granite installation service, and sealed to prevent any damage to the stone itself, your costa esmeralda granite will be well worth its pricing. It is a type of granite without complaints from those who have used it; although it is a delicate stone that can feature fissures upon its surface, you can view photos or slabs in person to ensure your new countertops won’t have any visible or dangerous cracks. Make sure to use a trained and professional granite fabricator when it’s time to cut and install the granite; you don’t want to be left with damage from trying to attempt this yourself.

Ultimately, so many purchasers of Costa Esmeralda granite are thrilled with their new granite products. Uniquely colored, gorgeous in any room or place, and long-lasting when compared to more typical and cheaper countertops, it is a choice that adds class and beauty wherever it is installed. As you shop around for the perfect piece of granite for your home remodel or upgrade projects, consider choosing Costa Esmeralda — and don’t forget to insist on always viewing the exact slabs themselves, to ensure your long-term happiness with such a stunning stone.