The Wonderful Benefits of Santa Cecilia Granite

Are you considering adding granite to places throughout your home? This is a common decision, one made by so many homeowners who wish to upgrade or update their homes with pieces of beauty, little maintenance, and classy style. In recent years, granite has become a household remodeling staple, the choice item for every homeowner to include in their kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms in some special way. Granite, though, is much more than a simple upgrade — it brings quality, durability, and beauty into your home, and requires very little in the way of construction. You simply need to find the perfect selection of granite for your home and stylistic taste.

More recently, the granite countertop has made quite a name for itself in kitchens throughout the world; this, though, is not the only way in which you can use granite. With its plethora of benefits, granite is a sturdy and gorgeous addition to any room in your home — and it can be displayed in so many different ways. Consider using it in the bathroom, framing your vanity mirror with granite. Or, perhaps you can put it to use in the form of granite tiles . In the ancient eras, Egyptians chose to use granite in their construction of pyramids. Mediterranean peoples took advantage of their granite stores, building temples and important government locales. Today, it is held in equally high regard, but has become more commonplace than rare. Granite, however, is still quite a rare material. As it grows naturally over decades and even centuries, every slab forms slowly and uniquely, making every piece its own work of art.

However you wish to work granite into your home, there is a seemingly endless supply available to buyers around the world. Your location does not limit your choices of gorgeous granite; in fact, with mines and quarries throughout nations internationally, you can own any variety you fall in love with while shopping through various granite services and selections. So, how do you find the granite that suits both your style and budget? Granite slabs, remnants, and stones are sold just about everywhere, available through contractors, home construction firms, fabricators, and even big box retail stores. You can begin your granite search by viewing the different types of granite at these select places, and start to narrow down what it is that you like.

Santa Cecilia Kitchensink Appliance

Granite varieties are broadly different, ranging in everything from thickness and weight to coloring and pattern. No two slabs or stones of granite are alike — each one holds its very own unique style, specks and flecks of color, and striations across its surface. From the commonly beloved gray and white granite to the wilder blue-hued blocks with pink spots, granite slabs grow in so many different shades. One of these beautiful varieties of granite is Santa Cecilia granite, also known as St. Cecilia granite. Before diving into the wonderful colors, sweeping veins, and sparkling appearance of Santa Cecilia, there are benefits to granite no matter the variety chosen.


What, exactly, is it that makes current owners of granite counters and table tops such fans of this expensive and weighty stone material? Over the years, granite has proved why it is a top choice for so many during their remodel or upgrade processes — it’s a stellar stone, one that lasts for decades while resisting signs of frequent wear and tear. Firstly, granite is beautiful; all homeowners are aware of this. There are so many different colors and types to choose from, and it’s so simple to find a slab that matches your color scheme, your needs, your wishes. Yet it offers much more than a great appearance, or “look.”

Sure, granite is an attractive natural material. Did you know that because of this fact, the design options and opportunities available to you through granite are nearly endless? As it grows naturally, granite takes on different colors, different designs, and different effects in its appearance. You can find granite in nearly any shade, to suit any decor desires you have. Even a single variety of granite can vary greatly, depending on how the light hits its coloring. Most commonly, granite appears in shades of white, gray, pink, and orange; more unusual and uncommon colors like blue and green can be found, but are simply more in demand with customers.

In addition to its naturally stunning beauty, granite is also an excellent choice for those who need a material they can rely on — one that won’t fall victim to damage over time. So many different materials begin to crack, chip, and even fade with the passage of years and frequent touching and use. Granite is among the strongest, sturdiest materials available for building projects. An igneous rock that forms when magma, or hot lava, cools over time, granite features a tightly interwoven inner structure that helps it hold together well. Inside each stone, small and imperceptible crystals grow together, melding into one giant piece of rock. Crystal is a notoriously touch mineral, and when it interlocks, it becomes even stronger. It is because of this formation process that granite is such a durable choice for countertops.

Slide the blade of a knife across the smooth top of a slab of granite, or drop a heavy item upon its surface; you’ll do no damage to the stone itself. Although it can chip at its edges when hit with excessive force, a granite counter or slab is so sturdy that it will damage a knife before succumbing to scratches itself. Even after years of use, granite remains smooth and sparkling — and it requires very little care. Granite experts remark that the stone needs just the bare minimum in cleaning, and owners are able to use typical store-bought cleaning products on its surface.

Lastly, one of the biggest concerns homeowners have when considering adding granite into their lives is cost. With a budget to consider, and the many various expenses that add up over the course of a DIY or remodel project, granite can appear to be too pricey to incorporate. However, granite is not as expensive as many may believe it is. In fact, fabricators and various granite selection services note that it is more affordable than other options such as Caesarstone or silestone. Granite is not inherently rare; some slabs are available at nearly any online or in-person granite selection store, such as the ubiquitous grey, white, and black variety. What makes granite expensive is its rarity; so, if you choose a color and type of granite that is readily available and easy to procure, you won’t find yourself spending tens of thousands to have a beautiful final product.

With so many options available to those interested in purchasing granite, it can be difficult to narrow down which slabs are the most appealing, or even the best fit for your individual project. Variables such as pricing, appearance, thickness, and yes, even speckles versus veins all must be considered as you shop for your favorite variety. One of the most popular and most desirable granite styles is Santa Cecilia, or St. Cecilia. Renowned and beloved for its beauty and ease of care, Santa Cecilia granite is one of the oldest stones in existence within the world.

Born in the mines and quarries of Sao Paolo, Brazil, St. Cecilia granite is as old as the Earth itself. It is thick and dense, heavy and hard in its makeup, and yet still gorgeous in its appearance. A natural stone like all other granite varieties, St. Cecilia is one of the most popular types around the world. Named after a martyr in the Christian church, Santa Cecilia is the patroness of church music, meant to bring beauty into the ears of all. As a type of granite, St. Cecilia is as stunning as its namesake. Most often, it appears in a soft, soothing beige color, speckled and veined with shades of burgundy, gold, and deep, dark grey. It also features a somewhat unusual use for granite: many love its look and sturdiness so much that they choose to install Santa Cecilia granite as flooring rather than as table or counter tops. It is not uncommon to discover St. Cecilia granite tiles surrounding a fireplace, decorating a wall as backsplash, or lining the tub of a bathroom. Because it is so incredibly durable, it can be used inside or outside, in a variety of settings.

What St Cecilia granite is best known for, though, is its trademark appearance. Many remark about its cranberry-colored spots and circles; others find its gold to sparkle each time the stone catches the light. When these gorgeous gold colors appear, it is due to the minerals’ oxidization over the course of millions and millions of years. If dark grey or perhaps even black veins or spots appear, they too add to the beauty. Sometimes, even more rare and special St. Cecilia stone varieties will even feature taupe or orange veins and stripes running their length or width. Each stone and slab will be greatly different, and no two will look alike in their patterns and striations. Keep in mind, too, that many purchasers of St. Cecilia granite slabs note that the stone appears to shine in different colors depending on the light, and how the light hits it. When the sunlight or indoor lighting is particularly bright and direct, Santa Cecilia light granite will spark the spots of gold to glow brightly. On a cloudy or dim day, the stone will look more dull in its coloring than brilliant.

As you shop for and select the perfect slab of Santa Cecilia dark or light granite for your home projects, remember that every fabricator will feature differently-colored versions of the stone. Photos and appointments to view each stone slab in-person can help you to choose the final (and best) one. Once you have selected the perfect piece of St Cecilia granite from a local fabricator, and you have completed the shopping and pricing processes, it’s time for installation. St. Cecilia is, as mentioned previously, an incredibly dense and thick variety of granite. Make sure your fabricator and insulation service are skilled in working with this special stone. Once your countertop, table top, or simple slab of Cecilia granite is installed, take the time to care for your new addition by polishing and wiping it regularly to keep it clean and free from stains.

All varieties of granite are beautiful in their own way. Simply choosing to add or include granite in your home update or upgrade project brings the stunning natural world into your house, where you can appreciate and celebrate it every day. But granite is more than gorgeous; it is durable, a product that will leave you satisfied and happy even years after it is installed. If you choose to use Santa Cecilia granite throughout your kitchen, your bathroom, or any additional rooms in your residence, you will be living with the beauty of Brazil. An ancient stone and variety of granite, St. Cecilia is both dense in quality and dramatic in its appearance. Each time you gaze upon the golden color, sheen, and sparkle, you’ll fall in love with your new granite all over again.


Granite Remnants and The Benefit You Can Get

So, you’re remodeling your home – you’re bringing beautiful updates into your kitchen, your bathroom, your living rooms, and every other inch of your space. Taking on a remodeling project, whether throughout every room in your home or in just one, is a massive task. With so many decor details to consider, and a budget to keep in mind, a remodel can turn the process of creating your dream home into a tricky challenge. Will you add granite marble, caesarstone, silestone, or maybe soapstone? Are the white or green granite varieties best? With the right materials, you can avoid some of these headaches that lie ahead. Many people choose to incorporate gorgeous slabs of granite into the homes when remodeling – the stone’s durability and beautiful appearance in so many variations make it an excellent way to update entire rooms. Before you begin buying the many pounds of granite you’ll need for your remodel, consider using granite remnants.

Granite, especially granite marble, is such a desirable material that homeowners and interior designers use it to create incredible countertops, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom sinks, and even more unique ideas throughout houses. However, because every piece of granite is a natural form of silestone and a rarity, it’s an expensive and pricey item. If you’re looking for ways to save a bit, budget-wise, you don’t have to give up on granite. Instead, you can utilize remnants of granite to achieve the remodel you desire without breaking the bank. Granite marble remnants are widely available, with many suppliers offering granite slab remnants for sale at a steep discount. Read on to find out exactly what benefits you can gain by using granite stone leftover.

granite remnants

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What, Exactly, are Granite Remnants?

You may be familiar with granite, but this type of granite are a different variety of the oft-used stone. Though many choose to use granite and tile, or even granite marble, to create a gorgeous vanity, these tend to be large-sized pieces of stone. Granite remnants are essentially the leftovers of larger slabs of the stone, pieces that were cut off and not used in the creation of counters, cabinets, tables, or any other home remodel project. When a customer or homeowner purchases granite to create the floor, room, or counter of their dreams, those who install the stone must cut it to size. This means that every granite project leaves remnants, or extra cut-off pieces, behind when it’s complete. Because they are often too small to use, these granite aren’t incorporated into additional projects throughout the home.

However, marble remnant slabs aren’t waste. In fact, they can be reused and adapted into countless other uses – and are an excellent alternative to purchasing massively sized pieces of granite. Typically, this granite are small in size, not large enough to cover major home remodel or improvement projects but perfectly sized for lesser work. Because they are pieces that have been cut off of an original slab, they may be oddly shaped and sized. These are the leftovers, the rounded corners of another person’s countertops, or the short rectangles of an already-completed backsplash in another’s bathroom. Each will also vary in grain, thickness, and even color, in addition to the different size and shape of the granite remnant slabs you’re able to find.

Due to these differences in size, they can prove challenging to use in your own home update or remodel process. Additionally, you may find remnants in varied forms: silestone, caesarstone, and soapstone are also great options when choosing your tile and granite. Keep in mind that they can vary widely and greatly, and that incorporating them into your project may require some flexibility. Yet with a bit of creativity, a unique vision, and an open mind, you can combine different granite tile to give your home and its rooms the upgrades you desire.

The Benefits of Granite Remnants

Granite Slab RemnantsPerhaps the number one benefit of choosing it is the financial saving. Marble remnants are cheaper than wholesale granite, allowing you to choose a color and variety of granite you like without going over-budget. When granite are left behind after the cutting and completion of home remodel projects, they offer the perfect opportunity to grab granite pieces at a highly reduced price. When a customer orders a set amount of granite, they pay for the entire amount ordered. As the granite is installed, and cut to size, the granite slabs leftover are sent back to the company who provided it. Because the customer has already pre-paid for these leftover pieces, the company is able to offer it to new customers at significantly reduced rates.

If your budget is strained, or you’re looking for a few ways to save money while remodeling, turn to granite slab remnant pieces. They are the cheapest, most affordable form of granite stone available in the market – you can save anywhere from 10 to 90 percent on the granite of your choice if you purchase granite marble and tile remnants instead of full-size, solid slabs. With granite typically priced from $65 to $120 per square foot, the choice to use and incorporate remnants instead can leave you with a savings of hundreds of dollars. Thanks to those savings, you can install granite marble, granite and tile, or even varieties like soapstone or silestone anywhere you’d like.

Not interested in a variety of smaller granite pieces? Large granite leftover slabs can also be found. Check with the companies near you that offer granite and tile remnant sales – some may have the remnants from business-sized granite work that you can use in the creation of your own countertops or other projects. Industrial granite work leaves behind larger granite pieces, thanks to varying quarries and mines that produce oddly sized and shaped slabs of granite or soapstone. Or, if your vanity requires some particularly unique stones or colors, like white or green, you can choose tile or even granite marble in any remnants you can find.

Ways to Use Your Granite Remnants

Looking for ways to incorporate stone remnants into your remodel? These versatile and affordable pieces of leftover granite from previous projects can be used throughout the home, in any room of your choice. Here are some ideas to incorporate this affordable granite in a variety of ways:

  1. In the bathroom – Want to spruce up your bathroom and vanity with a granite touch? Use it to create a unique and beautiful backsplash behind your sink and underneath your mirror or medicine cabinet. Or, if you find thinner remnant granite slabs, you can even turn those caesarstone pieces into gorgeous shelves to hang and hold your bathroom necessities.
  2. In the kitchen – Turn your remnants piece into a tile backsplash for your kitchen counters. It will add an attractive touch, while also keeping your walls safe from the water of your kitchen sink. You can also use small stone as kitchen accessories, using them as trivets, cheeseboards, or even display pieces.
  3. In the dining room – Want to spruce up your favorite dining table, where everyone gathers to eat with the look of granite marble, or silestone? Use a larger remnant or two and make a brand new tabletop for your dining room. It would provide a beautiful setting against which to use your favorite dishes and table-setting accessories.
  4. In the living room – Turn your coffee table into the centerpiece of your living room by adding granite piece to its top. Much like with a dining room table, you can replace the wooden or glass top of your coffee table with granite slabs, and make it an eye-catching piece. Or, employ smaller marble as beverage coasters, fireplace tiles, bookcase ends, or even shelves.
  5. In the backyard – Create a unique and attractive backyard environment by using soapstone or granite tile as stepping stones, drink coasters, the backsplash of a barbeque area or sink, or even an addition to stone walls. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can also create your own DIY mosaic by cementing multiple small granite pieces together into artwork.

No matter how to where you choose to place and use granite remnant slabs, the addition of this beautiful, diverse, and different stone will change your rooms and home. Granite and tile remnants are an easy and affordable way to incorporate pricey granite into your remodel, and are readily available via companies and contractors in your area. Do a bit of research to discover where this marble and granite are for sale near you, and you’ll find yourself saving hundreds of dollars by choosing remnants over whole slabs.

Granite Remnants – Affordable Price for Best Quality Granite

There’s one type of countertop apparent in households around the world: the granite countertop. It’s a sight seen in kitchens, in bathrooms, in dining rooms, and even outdoor barbecue areas. So many homeowners, designers, or even renters, in the midst of remodels, choose to change the look of their home by adding granite in various ways and places. Granite remnants are beautiful, natural stone that, when polished and sized, makes for attractive and appealing counter tops and surfaces anywhere it’s used. Every stone of granite is differently colored, shaped, and decorated. Some feature veins of glittering gold and silver while others include specks of deep reds or dark blues. Granite is more than pretty in its appearance; it’s also an incredible study stone, able to withstand wear and tear over not just years, but decades.

Granite, additionally, is not the only durable and attractive stone choice for home upgrades or remodels. There are plenty of attractive options of granite slabs and countertops or vanities: marble, Silestone, soapstone, and Caesarstone are all wonderful options. Each offers its unique qualities, suited for different styles and looks. Whether you’re considering upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, vanity, or other rooms at home with the addition of one of these natural stones, you don’t have to spend significant amounts of money and break your budget. Instead, you can consider using granite remnants, or other stone pieces, to get the counter tops you desire at a significantly reduced price.

Granite Remnants

Granite quartz remnants, whether marble, or even soapstone in their form, come in just about every shape, size, and natural coloring available selections. The countless varieties of granite like santa cecilia granite, costa esmeralda, uba tuba, black galaxy, kashmir white, Silestone, and others available when you’re looking granite remnants for sale for your home remodel are also available in remnant form — remnants are simply smaller cuts of the same stones. Remnants are the leftovers from larger projects, and the pieces cut off of massive slabs when they were sized and installed in others’ homes. Though often unique in their size and shape, these granite remnants are available at incredibly affordable prices. Often significantly reduced in their price, this selection of granite are not only cheap; they also allow homeowners to perform a remodel without ruining their budgets. Additionally, remnants are an excellent choice for a smaller project.

The following is a discussion of the many different benefits, and any potential negatives, of each type of stone that can be used to create beautiful counter tops, vanity spaces, and outdoor areas.

Why Granite is Great

Costa Esmeralda Granite for Dinning TableGranite is a popular choice for so many home and rooms because of its versatility and timeless beauty. Available in so many shades, styles, and even thicknesses, it’s a stone able to be used just about anywhere. Not a single slab of granite is identical to another — although they may grow in the same natural environment or quarry and share a color or name, every stone of granite features different swirling veins, flecks of color, and sparkling shine. Incredibly, granite also increases a home’s value when it is installed and added, offering benefits for those who may be looking to sell their house. It’s a study material, difficult to scratch and able to withstand high, hot temperatures. And, it’s straightforward and easy to clean, another important factor. Its only negatives, per owners’ comments, granite counter tops can be damaged if acidic liquids or materials are left on their surface for extended periods of time.

When it comes to installing granite in your home, you don’t have to use the largest pieces you can find. Although it’s most typical and characteristic for remodeling agencies to sell incredibly large slabs so customers have as much as they may need (and extra, just in case), the leftover pieces from these projects are an equally excellent choice. In smaller sized pieces, this granite pieces can be used to either create counter tops and tables or on backsplashes and similarly sized areas.

Choose Marble for Long-Lasting Beauty

Costa Esmeralda Granite ApplianceEqually beautiful as granite and famed for its use throughout history as a building material, marble in every shade and variety is an excellent choice for a kitchen, bathroom, or another room update. Why was it so commonly used? Granite Quartz is a robust and sturdy building material that can stand the test of time. Marble is another naturally grown stone, mined in the mountains of America, Europe, and even Asia. As it develops into a slab, marble features veins and patterns similar to those found in granite formations — and in this material, too, no two stones are alike. It’s a porous rock, a lower hardness level than granite but more resistant to chipping and denting.

Most popular is white marble, which is becoming an ever-growing choice to add brightness and light into a home. If you choose to use white marble remnants, be aware that this stone counter top variety can develop stains. This can be prevented by selecting different shades of marble stone, like green, black, or pink. Make sure to wipe up all spills immediately after they happen, and keep the stone free from extremely hot or wet objects. Quartz remnants are versatile, able to be used in any area of the home — and, with such a storied history of use in the residences, palaces, and monuments throughout the world, it’s a stone material that will never go out of style. No matter where you choose to utilize marble remnants, you’ll add beauty to your home.

Sturdy Silestone is an Excellent Choice

The above stones are all natural in their creation, but Silestone is entirely different in how it forms. It’s a brand, a company fabrication stone made in a lab — but luckily, this means every piece of Silestone comes with a 25-year warranty, making it a new favorite for those remodeling or upgrading their homes. Made of granite quartz, one of the hardest and strongest materials in the world, Silestone is incredibly durable and able to resist the damage of chipping, scratching, and even staining. Unlike piece granite remnants, which feature fissures and tiny cracks wherever their attractive veins appear, Silestone is entirely smooth and sealed. Only excessive force can cause cracks or damage this remnant variety.

One of the most unusual yet helpful qualities of installing Silestone remnants in your kitchen, bathroom, sinks or even outdoor barbecue area is its anti-bacterial property. Stain resistant and non-pourous, it’s a sturdy remnant to use; however, Silestone also features advanced bacteriostatic technology, helping to prevent the spread of germs throughout your home as the counters are touched and used. It’s beautiful, too, though less of a common choice than granite or marble pieces. It fits with any decor, and can be an excellent addition during a remodel.

Or, You Can Pick Soapstone

Costa Esmeralda GraniteIn addition to the above stone varieties, there is soapstone. This stone remnant earned its name because of its tactile feel; when people touch soapstone, their hands and fingers encounter a soap-like sensation. With a high concentration of talc, it offers a counter top and backsplash unlike other forms of stone. Unlike granite or even marble, soapstone doesn’t grow with veins or varied patterns. Instead, it appears in many different colors, developing a shiny patina while in its natural environment.

Soapstone countertops, tabletops, vanities, and other installations are easy to care for — it’s a stone that can be cleaned with nothing more than water. It’s resistance to stains, chemical products, and water is high. However, many report that it is not as sturdy or as durable as granite. It can be easily scratched, and difficult to repair if problems arise. It may be best to stick to soapstone remnants, which are not only cheaper but intended for smaller-scale home remodeling projects. Use it as a backsplash, to frame a mirror, or even as coasters around the house to keep water from damaging various surfaces.

Caesarstone, or Quartz, Offers a Beautiful Blend

One variety of stone that’s grown popular in home updates and upgrades is Caesarstone. However, this is not a stone like granite, Silestone, or even soapstone; it is a variety of granite quartz, incredibly hard and equally durable. Sure, granite and marble remnants are strong stones that live long lives, but as a quartz material, Caesarstone and similar varieties are even stronger, even more, resilient to wear, tear, and potential scratching. Unlike natural stones shaped, smoothed, and cut into remnant pieces, Caesarstone is a branded stone, an engineered variety created by humans like Silestone. Because of this, the stone is easier to cut and shape — and your choices for remnant pieces will most likely be more routine in their cut, and more comfortable to use in your desired projects. It is a scratch resistant stone, but not one that can be used in place of a cutting board. Its makers recommend avoiding direct cutting upon the surface stone, but that’s the only care required.

Most who utilize or add Caesarstone remnants in their kitchens, bathrooms or backyards rate it highly, completely satisfied with the addition. Many suggest seeing your Caesarstone slab before it’s purchased to ensure it offers the shine and sparkle you want in your countertop. The number one issue Caesarstone purchasers report finding is not with the stone itself, but with the actual installation and upgrade process. This type of remnant or countertop slab must be installed with care, placed correctly by an experienced company or installer.

Remnants Work in Any Form

Santa Cecilia Kitchensink ApplianceNo matter which variety of remnant you like best, or choose to use in your kitchen, bathroom, vanity, or backyard, a stone remnant offers the quality, beauty, and durability just like more traditional slabs. Choose from traditional granite remnants, a common fixture on the countertops and vanities of homes around the world; or, utilize marble remnants for a real class of stone, the material that shaped so many famed places. Or, you can choose to go a different, less conventional route by opting for silestone or Caesarstone, two different materials that are manmade fabrication, yet equally sturdy and stunning in their appearance.

Remember that granite remnants are a choice for those on a budget — but anyone can add a granite or other stone remnant to their home projects to save money and add beauty. Use remnants to create a uniquely tiled countertop in the kitchen or bathroom, or apply remnants to the backsplash area of your walls to keep water damage at bay. You can even utilize stone remnants of any variety and style around a fireplace, as coasters, or as tabletop replacements for coffee tables and nightstands. Get creative with remnants, and you’ll not only cut costs, but also achieve the upgraded style you’re looking to create. You don’t always have to follow the traditional route and process when adding granite into your home; different stones can create different looks.

Saint Cecilia Granite: 5 Facts You Must Know

Saint Cecilia granite is one of the most recommended pieces to house owners. It makes your house prettier and fancier in a certain way no other material can do. If you plan to use this granite, you have a terrific start. However, you may want to know several facts about this granite before you use it.

The Origin

Granite comes from so many places. However, Santa Cecilia granite is known to be first quarried in Brazil then named after a saint for its beauty. Brazil is known for many quarries producing magnificent granite. Other than India, Brazil makes the biggest granite maker in the world. This granite is one of the natural ones from the country. The look represents elegant and flexibility in one way. This explains why many designers use it in their modern or classic interior plan. Right now, there are many stocks of this kind of granite almost everywhere. Not all of them are genuine Santa Cecilia. Most of them are just fakes or other variation on the similar look. If you are an interior lover, you will know the difference. The original one always comes from Brazil. Now that you know the origin of this granite, you also need to know the shades and contour of it. This will tell you why everyone finds it beautiful and reliable, and why most designers like to recommend it to house owners.

Shades and Contour

This granite is often called the Venetian gold as well due to its natural tones. If you don’t know it, this granite is known for its white and gold dominant colors. If you read an ad in a shop window saying new Venetian gold granite, it means they are offering you the same Santa Cecilia. This other name is derived from the color that resembles gold well-known to be used in Venice. It looks elegant and divine, but somehow, it also looks fashionable. It remains fashionable for the whole time.   The gold alone tells a long story. It comes out of the deep depth quarry, and the shade is the result of oxidation for million years. Yes, this granite worth million years process. Meanwhile, the white color comes from bigger depth quarry. The white shade makes the granite brighter in combination. However, just as other granite, this one is stable and durable. It is durable for decades of usage too, and the beautiful look will remain the same with proper maintenance and cleaning. This is beautiful inside and out.

Price and Application

It is based on personal perspective in deciding if the price is low or expensive enough for you. There is any particular guideline on the price, and it tends to change from time to time. Sometimes, you find it cheaper, and many times, you find it even more expensive. The case is this granite comes from natural stone worth millions of year process. For estimation only, Venetian gold granite tiles can cost around $6 to $10 each. The installation will run from $35 to $45 per square feet. Your budget should include installation price if you don’t want more surprises. Instead of buying tiles, you can also try to purchase the raw materials that cost around $18 to $23 per square feet. Raw material is a preferable choice if you can find your construction solution like your worker for it. This will cut your budget on a significant amount. However, you are advised to give your granite some sealing. Fortunately, you don’t need to for this granite during the first year. Later, you can apply impregnator once a year.

Maintenance and Cleaning

St Cecilia granite is not hard to clean and maintain. This granite is known for its smooth and firm surface. It will not absorb liquid or spills. The benefit on this is you don’t need unique solutions to clean it, even though your supplier may have suggested several brands. When you spill something while cooking, you only need to wipe the surface using water damped towel. Why do you have to use towel? O you don’t have to. You can use almost anything else that absorb water well to absorb things you spill. Wiping it out is enough. It is already clean. Then, you can dry it with a dry cloth or towel. You don’t need a special routine to clean this granite. Just clean it when you need to. In addition to it, you can also apply an impregnator on the surface to protect the look and surface condition. On this granite, it is not necessary until later years. The impregnator is commonly durable enough. The usage and brand will affect the durability. However, usually, you only need to reapply the impregnator once a year.

Possible Application in the House

Granite, with its lovely and very hard surface, makes perfect fit for almost all part of the house. If you are building a house and you choose to use Santa Cecilia light granite, it will fit you in so many ways. Commonly, your designers will recommend you to use it for your kitchen and bathroom. You can have gorgeous countertops of it. It is easy to clean and maintain, and it looks super fashionable. You can also use this material as new backslash, making your kitchen far more elegant. Your vanity will do well with it at the top too. Or, you can cover your bathroom wall with this for a royal and regal look inside. Granite wall is also perfect for your hall, dining room, and patio. Alternatively, you can also use this material to create landscaping in your garden or flooring your terrace. The entire house with granite flooring is also a great investment.

In sum, this granite is a terrific choice. It looks brilliant in a unique way, and it is easy to clean and maintain. You will have fascinating life in this house. It is also available on more affordable price, explaining why designers always feature this on their plan. Choosing Saint Cecilia granite is a wise choice you made.

Santa Cecilia Light Granite: 5 Best Place for It

Santa Cecilia light granite is one of the most popular options for house interior and exterior features. At first, it was used only on big fancy houses, but since the price is not so expensive anymore, recent houses like to have these beautiful pieces too. If you share the same idea, you should try to use on these following places of the house.

Kitchen Countertop

Yea, this is a classic idea with classic granite. All interior designers will admit that this Santa Cecilia granite is a good choice for your kitchen countertops. Let us see the benefits first. Being smooth and sturdy, this will give you strong and steady base while chopping, dicing, and even plating. You don’t have to deal with shaky and unstable countertops. It is strong enough so you can put heavy pan or appliances on top of it when you need to. Don’t worry about breaking it up. It won’t happen. This granite is smooth as mentioned before, making it a perfect surface for all spills. It will not absorb, and you don’t have micro curves on it with spilling sauce in there. It means easy cleaning. You only need to wipe it and everything is clear. It won’t catch the smell too so you don’t need special cleaning solutions to clean it. In addition to those all, it makes perfect match for all colors. You can combine it with cream, black, warm wood, or modern colors like baby pink, red, and electric blue. It can adjust the modern and classic look right away.

House Landscaping

Most people use this granite for their interior details, but there is no sin to use it outside the house too. Do you have a backyard or garden? It’s a perfect spot for st Cecilia granite. Enrich your landscaping with it. Just for ideas, several elegant gardens feature granite path. You can have it too with this granite. Make it curves and combine with several other materials for more personalized accent. It makes the garden looks regal in instant. Of course, making a path with granite can be costly. In alternative, why don’t you cover your terrace with it? You can have other materials like terracotta to cover your other garden part. Terrace with granite will make the center stage of the space. Add some fancy looking comfortable furniture and you are ready to receive guests here. You should also try this granite as your outer part garden pool. DO you know what will make the best match for it? It’s a fountain. A granite pool with fountain will make a deluxe centerpiece. Enrich with illumination to get the grand look.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Let’s get back to the kitchen. Kitchen surprisingly has many incredible parts. Those parts will make significant change on the overall look when modified. Now, you should try modifying your backsplash with Santa Cecilia light granite. Yea, most backsplashes using tiles and there are so many patterns and colors on tiles that will make great choices. Granite has so many great points as backsplashes. It has the smooth surface so it won’t absorb water and whatever splashes from your sink. This surface makes sure you can clean it easily, just by simple wipe out. It’s technically ideal. Now, let’s see how it looks. This kind of granite is classic. It shows just the simplest pattern, and the nicest color too. It even matches modern colors too. For example, you have black and silver kitchen with all modern appliances and design line. Add this backsplash, and you take the look into different level. It looks ultra modern with a classic touch like you were born on some old family line. Nothing can beat this look right now.

House Walls

Like on old houses with big columns and ball room, you should have at least one room with saint Cecilia granite wall. There are many possible rooms you should consider. For example, you can try your front hall. This is practically large and spacious enough for you to show off. You commonly have no need to hang things like photos or paintings in here too so it will keep the granite wall smooth and undisturbed. It also makes the fanciest entrance for your guests. They will absolutely wow the look. The other rooms you should invest with this material is your dining room and patio. Dining room with a touch of elegant is always a brilliant idea. It can be a little tricky though if you want to hang painting collection and photos on the wall. Your patio on the other way makes the perfect spot. Tea time will be even better around these walls. This granite is easy to clean and to maintain, and its light color makes it natural enough. It makes it easier for you to choose the furniture and other details.


Oh yes, a house with granite flooring is a valuable asset. Technically, this material provides the strength and stability you want for house floor. It enables you to set everything on top of it. The surface is solid with no pores, so you can clean it with the easiest way possible. Dust will not stick to it on normal condition so it makes perfect flooring for a family with little kids too. It can be used on all rooms, and it elevates the house look in an instance. However, you may need to think about the size you want to use. Commonly, floor like granite Santa Cecilia is available on two options. You can have whole size, and it means it isn’t cut to tile sizes. You can also have it on tiles sizes, and it is commonly available on big size. Light color is always preferable considering its flexibility with other colors and the bright yet warm atmosphere it has.

This granite may not have a lot of variations like the other kinds, but it has classic and the most flexible look. You can literally combine it with other tiles and materials in several possible colors. It can be elegant or modern. So, do you want fancy looking house? Look no further than this Santa Cecilia light granite.

Maintaining Countertops with Venetian Gold Granite

Venetian Gold granite or also known as the New Venetian Gold granite is a beautiful piece of natural solid material which is often used to make a countertop in the kitchen. Even though the name is Venetian, it is nothing related to the Italian gondola city and it does not even come from the city. It is just the name. However, you need to look at the beauty of this granite. It is the perfect bright-colored stone with golden color and a bit of beige color. The black kind of vines all over the surface of the stone adds more beauty to the granite. If at home you have this kind of countertop with Venetian Gold granite surface, below are some tips for you about maintaining the countertops.

Adding More Layers

Having Venetian Gold granite as the top of your kitchen countertop is really beautiful. However, to make it durable, you have to use a sealer. Sealer is a kind of protective surface on the top of the granite. You need to choose a sealer and carefully apply the sealer to the surface of the granite countertop. There are a lot of sealers sold out there and that is why you need to be selective in choosing the best sealer for the granite countertop in the kitchen. Make sure that you read the label first and you have used the sealer exactly like the instruction says. Beside of the sealers, you also need to give the countertop a granite polish. To make the granite countertops even more stunning, you need to protect the surface of the countertop with polish. Polish will add more protective layers to your table and once you do that, your granite countertop will have better shine and better durability. Granite polish can be bought in most kitchen furniture shops. They are quite affordable and totally make the countertops in your house better.

Keeping Acid-Based Liquid and Spills Away

When you cook on the top of the kitchen countertops and you spill anything, make sure that you clean up the spills as soon as possible. Do not let any moisture be on the top of the granite because it can cause permanent staining and long time effect such as cracking. Do not let any moisture especially the acidic ones such as lemon juice or vinegar. Acidic liquid is the pure enemy of any kind of stones. They can ruin the surface of the stones. That is why if you spill anything at all, especially the acidic, you need to wipe them as soon as possible. Do not let the acid ruins the surface of the countertops. To clean your New Venetian Gold granite countertops, you do not need any acid-based cleaners.

Again, acidic liquid is the pure enemy of any kind of stones. They can ruin the surface of the stones. That is the reason acid-based cleaners will not be good for your granite countertops. Basically, this granite is a material that is very easy to clean. To clean the surface of your countertop, all you need to prepare is just warm water. You can also prepare mild soap (no acid-based) as well. You need to know that you will be able to clean the surface of the countertop with warm water and mild soap only. Even the hardest and dirtiest dirt can be gone just by wiping them with warm water and mild soap. The surface of granite is quite slippery for dirt to stick on the surface.

During the Usage

There are several points that you have to remember when you use granite countertops. First, keep away any abrasive materials from touching the surface of the countertops. Even though Venetian Gold granite countertops are quite durable, you need to maintain it well anyway. You need to keep no abrasive materials from scratching the granite surface. Make sure that you keep any abrasive materials as far away as possible from the kitchen granite countertops’ surface. The granite material is not going to get scratched easily. However, keeping it close from abrasive materials can ruin the outer layer of the granite. The granite countertops will not be smooth and shiny again. Second, do not pound anything on the granite top. The surface of granite countertops is quite sturdy, however, it is a stone and stone can crack after all if you keep pounding the surface of the rock.

That is why if you need to tendering meats or something by pounding them, do not do it on the granite countertops. It will totally cause the granite countertops to crack and once the granite countertops cracks, it will be impossible to return it to the way it was. This is the reason why you need to be really careful when you have granite New Venetian Gold countertops. They may seem strong and sturdy but if you do not maintain it well, it will get ruined pretty soon. Last but not least, do not scratch the countertops on purpose. To keep the surface of the granite countertops shining and beautiful, you need to leave the surface alone. It means when you have a knife or car keys on your hand, do not try to scratch the countertops. The countertops seem to be strong but there are millions of complicated layers in it. Do not try to ruin one layer after another because it the end, the surface will really get ruined. Instead, try to polish and clean the surface every day so that the granite countertops stay good in your kitchen.

Cleaning the Countertops Regularly

This last point is probably the most important point that you often forget. You need to make sure that you do regular cleaning for your granite countertop. Remember, your granite countertop is very beautiful and you want to have that kind of beauty remains on the countertops for the rest of your life. Thus, do not forget to do regular cleaning every couple of day. Regular cleaning prevents the dirt to stay on the surface of the countertops. That is why you cannot forget to at least wipe the surface of the countertops so that you can have the best countertops with Venetian Gold granite for you ever.

Why Choosing Countertops with New Venetian Gold Granite

New Venetian Gold granite is a really pretty and really beautiful kind of granite. The color of this kind of granite is totally stunning in its golden and beige color tones. The “pattern” of granite New Venetian Gold is like the veining pattern in the color of brown, gray, and red. It makes the granite looks really stunning and beautifully looking. Today, this kind of granite is often used to make countertops. Your kitchen will definitely look amazing with this kind granite. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen and you have thought about using countertops made of this kind of granite, you have made a really good decision because there are actually quite a lot of benefits of using countertops made of New Venetian Gold granite. Below are some of them.

The Advantages from Its Physical Appearance

Using a countertop of this kind of granite in your kitchen is going to make you have a lot of beautiful aspects in your kitchen. As stated before, the color of the granite is the perfect mixture of gold and beige. It has patterns as well so that the countertop will be able to maximize the beauty of your kitchen. The color of the countertop can match with most colors especially white. That is why a New Venetian Gold granite countertop is going to be great with white overall color theme of the kitchen. You can see that the blending between New Venetian Gold Granite with white cabinets is really amazing. Moreover, this kind of granite is a very beautiful. That is why you can match the countertops with any furniture you want of any colors.

There are tons of New Venetian Gold granite backsplash ideas that you can try for your kitchen. You can also have a beautiful kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen with different color from the countertops and still make the kitchen look amazing. Granite is after all a natural material. It is totally shining and absolutely adorable. That is why when you love to have something natural in your kitchen with nothing printed or nothing predefined, you will have to get these granite countertops. The dashing look of the granite will make your kitchen totally beautiful once again.

The Advantages from Its Value

Seen from its value, it is impossible not to gain advantages. A granite countertop especially the ones made from this kind of granite will always look stunning and luxurious. The value of the countertops will not get depreciated at all. That is why everyone knows that the price of granite countertops will never get cheaper over the years. Since the price is quite expensive, granite countertops have a very exclusive look and having one in your kitchen will elevate the beauty of your kitchen for sure.

You know that granite countertops especially the ones made of granite can elevate the value of your house. The kitchen furniture is always considered as luxurious furniture because the value or the price of the kitchen countertops is nowhere near cheap. That is why when you have such a beautiful piece of kitchen furniture like that, you will be able to raise the price of your house. If you plan to sell your house, let your property agency to know that you have such a beautiful granite countertop on the kitchen. Automatically, this will add more value to your house.

Advantages from Its Performance

This kind of granite is very strong and sturdy. It will not get scratched easily and it will not get cracked or broken easily. That is why if you want to have a strong and sturdy piece of furniture in your kitchen, the countertop made of this granite is the answer. The furniture will last forever in the kitchen as long as you can maintain it properly. Beside of that, this kind of granite is also free from bacterial contamination. If you have wooden kitchen countertop, you will at least a bit worry about bacterial contamination. You will do a lot of cooking on the countertop and chopping meats will be something that you will do even more often. The bacteria you get from raw cooking materials especially meats will get into the pores of the wood and contaminate your kitchen countertop. As the result, you will have to deal with bacterial contamination whether you like it or not.

However, if you have granite countertop, bacterial contamination will be something that you do not even have to worry about. There are almost no pores at all in granite and there will be no place for the bacteria to hide. That is the reason you do need a nice kitchen countertop with this granite. Not only that this granite is bacterial free, this kind of granite is also a heat-resistant material. When you have wooden kitchen countertop, you cannot place hot pan to hot skillet right on tip of the countertop because it will ruin the surface of the countertop. Besides, there will be permanent stains that heat gives to the wooden countertop surface. However, if you choose to use granite countertops, you will have no problem with heat because granite is heat resistance. Granite is a natural material and it is durable. From the chunks of granite, it will be changed into a countertop. To do that, the granite is formed with heat and pressure. That is why it is strong and that is why it has amazing heat resistance.

Advantages from Its Maintenance

Owning countertops with granite on the top will give you the easiness to take care of it. This kind of golden and beige granite is a material that is very easy to clean. That is why if your countertop in your kitchen is made from this granite, you will be able to clean the surface of the countertop with warm water and mild soap only. Even the hardest and dirtiest dirt can be gone just by wiping them with warm water and mild soap. The surface of New Venetian Gold granite is quite slippery for dirt to stick on the surface.

St. Cecilia Granite Countertop and Backsplash Complete Guide

When it comes to choosing granite countertop, St Cecilia granite is probably one of the most favorite one. Most of you would love to have granite countertop in your kitchen. This particular countertop is indeed beautiful and valuable. So, it is understandable if you want it. Granite countertop will make your kitchen a great place for cooking, socializing, and dining. And if you choose Santa Cecilia Granite, you’ll see how the glowing golden granite adds warm and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen.

And also to create a wonderful kitchen, you must have charming kitchen backsplash. There are many choices of kitchen backsplash materials you can choose. And granite backsplash will do wonder in your kitchen. Having a matching granite countertop and backsplash will make your kitchen looks amazing and beautiful. It is also great for smaller kitchen. The matching backsplash and countertop will minimize borders. It will make your kitchen looks more spacious.

Some homeowners may think that granite is too heavy for a backsplash. However, Santa Cecilia light granite is perfect for backsplash. This granite backsplash will make your kitchen looks beautiful and luxurious. Having granite backsplash will give you some advantages. It can stand heat and moisture very well. This backsplash will make a perfect backsplash. It is also very easy to clean. Once you finished cooking, you can clean it quickly with warm water and soft fabric.

The Pros and Cons of Granite Countertop

Before you hit the store to buy new granite countertop, you must know all the facts about it first. Granite countertop offers you with both advantages and disadvantages. That’s why you must be prepared with what it has to offer.

One of the advantages you’ll get from this granite countertop is that it is durable. It will last for a very long time. That’s why you must choose one that you really like since it will likely stay forever with you. This countertop will add more value to your home. Granite countertop can stand heat very well. You do not need to worry that placing a hot pan on it can damage it. You do not need to worry about bacterial growth on its surface. Granite countertop is also easy to clean. Therefore, you can save your time in cleaning it.

Meanwhile, one of the disadvantages of this countertop is that it is expensive. You must prepare more money if you want to have it. Aside from this cost, you must also plan the installation budget since its installing (including labor) cost is more expensive than the granite itself. Another disadvantage is that it is heavy. You must make sure that your cabinets are strong and sturdy. Granite countertop usually requires additional support. This countertop is also difficult to remove. It may crack if it gets hit by sharp and heavy objects.

Choices of Granite Types

When you are shopping for granite countertop, you will find choices of granite types you can pick. Some of them are Typhoon Bordeaux, Costa Esmeralda, Seafoam Green, and Venetian Gold Granite. Each of these granite types has different colors and pattern.

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite is available in couple or brick red shades. Its main colors are brick red, cream, brown, and gray. It is perfect to match brown cabinets or reddish brown flooring.Costa Esmeralda is perfect for your beach house. It is also perfect if you have coastal interior decoration. The colors of granite are between green and blue. It will look great paired with stained wood cabinet. This particular countertop will look great in sunny kitchen.
Seafom Green Granite has beautiful earthy green shade which is combined with brown and gray. It will look great with painted cabinets. Having this countertop will add natural and earthy atmosphere in your kitchen.
Venetian Gold Granite is beautiful and classic. It has a combination of gold, white, and dark color. This granite looks great on brown tone or white tone kitchen.

Why Choose Venetian Gold Granite

If you want to have a kitchen with luxurious golden tone, you must choose St Cecilia granite which is also called Venetian Gold Granite. This Saint Cecilia Granite is charming and very beautiful. Its main colors are white and gold. This particular granite is quarried in Brazil. The ones that are quarried in lower depth usually have more gold colors. Meanwhile, ones that are quarried in upper depth usually have more white color. The gold color of this granite is caused by the oxidation process that happened for millions years. That’s why the deeper it is the more gold shade it has.

New Venetian Gold Granite has all the quality of granite countertop you want. It is durable, beautiful, and easy to clean. This particular countertop is quite universal. It will look great both in traditional style kitchen and modern style kitchen. If you are planning to have it, it is better for you to choose gloss polished cabinets.

How to Maintain Granite Countertop and Backsplash

You may think that maintaining natural, such as granite, is not easy. Well, it is not as difficult as you think. For daily maintenance, you can clean your countertop and backsplash using warm water and mild detergent. You must choose the detergent carefully to avoid porosity. Similar to other natural stone, granite cannot stand acid. Acidic detergent can cause porosity on your countertop and backsplash. It will make them prone to scratch and stain. To minimize the side effect of detergent, it is better for you to choose special granite cleaners.

To avoid soap build up on your countertop and backsplash surface, rinse the surface thoroughly. You can rinse it using water and soft cloth. After that, dry it well with cotton cloth. If you are worried with the porosity of your granite countertop and backsplash, you can opt to seal them with high quality sealer. It will make your countertop and backsplash shine spotlessly. Once it looks dull, you must re-seal it again. Seal will protect your St Cecilia granite from harmful substance and porosity. It will also make it last longer.

Types of Granite – Famous, Awesome and Cheaper

There are literally thousands of different granite in this world which origins around the globe. When come to choose the right type of granite for your kitchen, bathroom countertops or even for office worktop, this is crucial! At the beginning, I was struggling to pick nice granite for my kitchen but there is so much to choose for. Are you going to study them one by one? Of course not right! We just pick those based on our usage criteria like easy to clean; dirt proof or not easy dirt spotted, especially when the granite colors is black like the black galaxy granite. So it is all up to you to choose the best granite for your home remodeling project.

So far we have picked best granite based on consumer recommendation and most people’s search for that granite online. The question is, why so many people search for that granite online? That must be some unique stuff we need to check out. Please refer to our findings on selected granite. The list below will be updated from time to time.

Uba Tuba Granite
Uba Tuba granite can be found and mined in Brazil which is same with Santa Cecilia granite found from the same origin. Why is Uba Tuba famous? Uba Tuba granite is enormously become famous because it is widely used in kitchen, bathroom and industrial construction projects in big scale as well. Due to the granite in nature, Uba Tuba is well easy to maintain the surface, looks glossy and sparkling shining which provides an excellent professional outlook for your home.

In order to maintain the highest quality and surface of Uba Tuba granite countertops, make sure you don’t place any hot, heavy or sharp objects on the surface. This is the case that those objects may scratch or damage the sealant of the shining surface. I believe you want to keep your countertops in tip top conditions forever just like me as well, right? If you have mistaken damage the surface, you can always contact a professional stonemason to repair it and retain the best performance of your Uba Tuba granite countertops.

Giallo Ornamental Granite Facts and Review
Giallo ornamental granite can be said to be one of the most popular granite in today’s world whether is industrial or household kitchen remodeling which according to Daniel Pivko (a well-known geologist researcher). So, what is the color of this granite? Giallo ornamental granite is purely yellow-beige in color with a bit of speck of black and gray.

What is the color for tiles which goes with Giallo ornamental granite?
Giallo ornamental granite is mostly grained granite with some specks of beige, white and brown. If you refer to the picture as shown, you will get a better picture. If you are choosing tile based on color surface, then Giallo ornamental granite is a better choice since the colored grouts don’t show dirt easily and can be used to match the color of your base tile.

  • Basic Facts on Giallo Ornamental Granite
  • Original name: Giallo Ornamental
  • Another name: Amarello Ornamental, Giallo Santo
  • Material: Granite
  • Country of origin: Brazil
  • Pattern: Speckles
  • Colors: Brown, Gold, Beigh
  • Application: Kitchen countertops, bathroom countertop, fireplace, floor tiles, outdoor

Blue Pearl Granite Tile Countertops Review
Blue Pearl GraniteBlue pearl granite is one of the famous among other granites like Giallo ornamental granite and Santa Cecilia granite. One thing I love blue pearl granite because they color itself is very shinning and dirt not easily found. Blue pearl granite is originally from Norway. The price is determined by the silvery blue stone known as Blue pearl granite. The more silvery blue stone you found on the granite, the higher the price will be. Even though the name is listed as blue pearl granite but the stone it is not blue at all but a combination of metallic blue and silver. If you want your kitchen or bathroom countertops to looks brighter, then blue pearl is your choice.

Questions: If I want to paint the kitchen and my counter is blue pearl granite and bamboo wood floor, which color should I choose?
Of course, blue is one of the top choices but it is better to do your own visualization by checking our Sherwin visualizer. Personally, I love the color of blue and I would paint the kitchen in blue toning and makes my kitchen looks like “aqua!” What if you want your blue pearl counter to looks bluer? That’s easy! You can buy stone color enhancer to cover your blue pearl granite and adding more lighting fixture.

  • Basic Facts on Blue Pearl Granite
  • Original name: Blue Pearl
  • Another name: Marina Pearl, Labrador Chiaro
  • Material: Granite
  • Country of origin: Norway
  • Pattern: Speckles
  • Colors: Blue, Gray
  • Application: Kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, fireplace, flooring and outdoor

Baltic Brown Granite
Baltic brown granite is one of the top searches of granite colors. Why? The reason is simple because this type of granite is being searched and hunt by the home owner like you and me as well. Previously I’ve done my home improvement project includes the kitchen countertops and there is few source we can buy types of countertops like Amazon and lows. Besides Baltic brown granite, there are others famous colors like Uba tuba granite, Santa Cecilia granite and Giallo ornamental granite. You can check out the simple background about Baltic brown granite here. Basic Facts on Baltic Brown Granite

  • Original name: Baltic Brown
  • Another name: Bruno Baltico, Baltik Brown, Blatic Rain
  • Material: Granite
  • Country of origin: Finland
  • Pattern: Speckles Colors: Brown, Gold
  • Application: Kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, fireplace, flooring and outdoor

New Venetian Gold Granite
New Venetian gold granite is proven to be among the most popular choices for those who want to build their own home or renovate their place. This is known to originate from Brazil and from the moment this was introduced to the public, people have become amazed because of its elegant and attractive nature. It is capable of enhancing the aesthetic appeal in every area of your home including your kitchen. This specific granite is known to be among those that contain a light color and appears to have a good background with garnet, quartz, and light brown. Rust or orange colors can also be sometimes seen throughout the granite.

Because this type of granite stone is known to be among the most beautiful stones all throughout the world at present, it is no longer surprising why there is a huge increase in the number of people who appreciate it. One of the major benefits of the granite is that it is durable and extremely hard.

This provides you a guarantee that it will serve you for the longest time. It is also capable of bringing out an intrinsic look to any project that requires the use of the granite. You are also guaranteed that even if you place hot items on it, its surface will still remain unscathed.

The Venetian gold granite is also proven to be a good choice over the other types of materials for home improvement and renovation because it is non-porous and sanitary. It is stain resistant so you are guaranteed that its color stays for such a long time and its elegant appeal will never be damaged.

The look of the granite is also unique so your home gets the chance to stand out from the rest. However, there is one major disadvantage when using the material. This is the trouble that you may face upon sealing it every two years. However, the benefits associated to the use of the New Venetian gold granite are still capable of outweighing the disadvantage.

Verde Butterfly Granite
If you are thinking of renovating your home and make it appear as elegant as possible, then it is important for you to consider using Verde butterfly granite. This specific type of granite came originally from Brazil. Up to the present, it has captured the attention of the public because of its aesthetic appeal and versatile nature. Although it is versatile enough to be used in different parts of your home, most people regard it as ideal for main kitchen worktop and kitchen islands. If you have made the decision to purchase this type of granite for your kitchen, then be aware that you can either choose the countertop slabs or the tiles. It is also important for you to be aware that its usual colors are green and gold. However, you can still expect to find a variety of colors if you just know where to look.

There are actually a lot of essential features in when using this type granite that makes it stand out from other materials. One of these is that it is highly qualitative. Because of its quality, you can expect it to serve you for a longer period of time. It is also known to be ideal for a kitchen because of its ability to endure hot pans. You will not worry about it being damaged after just a few months of using it.
You can also expect the granite to effectively function not only in your kitchen but also in your bathroom. This serves as a great tub or vanity piece. The durability and sturdiness of the material are also among its most essential qualities and this allows it to withstand even heavy usage.

This specific type of granite is really proven to be beneficial over the other types. However, you have to make sure that you order for samples from the different providers of this to ensure that you get to choose the best from among them. The granite color is known to be among the many factors that you should greatly consider when making your choice. Make sure that you pick the best Verde butterfly granite color so you will no longer worry about being unsuccessful in your home renovation project.

Crema Bordeaux Granite
In the field of home renovation and construction, Crema Bordeaux granite is proven to be a reputable name. It is known to have more durability and strength than other materials. Because of this, you can expect the granite to withstand several years of heavy usage. If you are thinking of buying this type of granite to further enhance the structure and the appeal of your home, then it is important for you to keep in mind that you have a variety of choices in terms of shades and textures. All it takes is for you to find out which among them is greatly suitable for the specific area in your home that you wish to renovate.

One of the best characteristics of this type of granite is its versatility. You are given the chance to use the granite in different areas of your home. You can use it in your kitchen, outdoor, fireplace, and bathroom. You can also expect the granite to perfectly accentuate the designs of your home despite its placement.

Since it comes in a variety of size specifications, you increase your chances to save space from using it. All you need to do is to choose a size that perfectly suits the area that requires renovation. The granite is also known to come in a variety of prices. Different grades of polishes are also made available for this material. This gives you an opportunity to obtain affordable options that still hold great designs, colors, and polish tones.

If you want the Crema Bordeaux to work to your greatest advantage, you are advised to determine your specific requirements prior to buying. Because there are a lot of textures and designs for this type, you really have to make sure that you pick the right choice. It is also important for you to deal with the most legitimate provider for this material. This will allow you to purchase Crema Bordeaux granite which is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Prefabricated Granite Countertops, Silestone and Corian Comparison

Shop for prefabricated granite countertops and simplify the complication involved in installing it. As the name suggests, the prefabricated countertop is a ready to use counter that is made out of marble and granite. If you want to give a contemporary and modular look to your kitchen and bath at a lesser price, then you have to invest in such ready to install countertops. You don’t have to run around to every other store in order to buy such predesigned countertops. With the advent of internet, you can simply order these countertops from an online store at no time. Most of the online stores deliver the countertops at your doorstep in a faster time.

  • These types of counter tops save you a great deal of money as you don’t have to spend money on fabrication.
  • Prefabricated kitchen countertops are no different from the non-fabricated countertops. Just like any others, these counter tops are also available in a variety of designs and thickness.
  • Another advantage of these countertops is that you can customize the size, thickness, the look and feel. You can order it based on your likes and have it delivered at your doorstep.
  • The prefabricated home countertops are comparatively cheaper than the non-fabricated ones. Being available at an affordable price, you can buy it for all your baths and kitchen for your home.
  • Being made out of high quality these items are resistant to heat, scratch and stains. This makes it last for longer period of time than any other types of countertops.

Learning about the top selling products and their prices will help you drive a hard bargain with the store. The following are some of the top selling prefabricated countertops.

Prefabricated Black Galaxy Granite

This black colored granite looks perfect for any type of kitchen and bath. With a width of 25″ and length of 98″ and a edge profile of 11/2 ” bullnose, this item costs around 299 USD at online store. This product is sold at a discounted rate. You can in fact order it online or order over phone. EBay and Amazon are also great online shops to buy this item at a discounted price.

Prefabricated Delerium Gold Granite

With a dimension of 26″x115″, this granite countertop sells at a price of 579 USD at boulder granite store. The countertop is also available at a variety of vibrant colors. You can even have the prefabricated granite customized to your requirements by informing your needs to the seller.

Comparison Between Granite and Silestone

Prefabricated-GraniteGet more information about the difference between Silestone and Granite will help you in deciding the best countertop for your home. Be it a kitchen or bathroom or dining room, an attractive countertop grabs attention. A well maintained of these stone increases the resale value of the property. There are certain aspects you have to look for when you want to buy it for your home. Determine the quality of the material, counter-top that is made of high quality material will not get scratched or broken easily. Find out whether the counter top is unique and adds to the interior decor of your room. Find out the maintenance instructions so you can keep it attractive. If you are going to use it frequently, then it is better to buy a counter top with lesser maintenance. The following comparison study about the silestone and granite will help you choose the right countertop for your home.

Being made out of quartz, silestone countertops are easier to clean and maintain. It doesn’t get scratched easily. The non porous material helps in keeping your room germ-free and hypoallergenic. Being a hypoallergenic countertop, these worktops are also widely used in hospitals and health sectors. These stone are spill proof and don’t allow water or other spills to get clogged. You can easily remove any stains from the silestone by simply wiping it with a wet cloth. If you are concerned about your health and looking for a countertop that is easier to maintain, then you can decide on a silestone for your countertops.

Granite Countertops are designed by a pro, who specializes’ in designing these kind of stone. If you are looking to create a posh ambience, then granite take the first place. It is an eye catcher in any room. You can get a better return from it while you want to sell it. Granite countertops are also in high end business premises. When it comes to beauty, no others can take the place of granite. It give an aesthetic appeal to your house and durable to extreme weather conditions. Although these kind of stone are expensive, these are worth the price even if your countertop gets repaired, you can easily get it fixed rather than trashing it off.

When it comes to cost, you can save a great deal of money on any countertops by shopping in a smart way. Learn about the benefits of the it and gain a thorough research about it. Talk to a retailer and determine the price based on the areas tone. The price of the countertops is often determined by the area. If you are buying a countertop made out of expensive materials like granite, then determine whether the seller is genuine and provide high quality original materials. You can also read the reviews about the seller before choosing to buy ones. You have to keep a tab on the fluctuating rates and buy it when a high quality countertop is sold at the least price. With these tips in place, you no longer have to boggle your mind deciding on silestone or granite for your countertops.

The Comparison Between Corian and Granite

Corian or Granite – If you’re confused with this long running debate on countertops, then it is time to learn about the pros and cons of each of these countertops. By doing a comparison study of both, you will be able to decide on the best for your home. You may be buying a countertop for your new home or revamp the existing ones in your home. Either way, a unique and luxurious countertop will intensify the beauty of your home. If you are looking for the best for your kitchen, then don’t go by cost. It is always better to buy depending on the style and durability rather than comparing the countertops prices.

Be it corian or granite, either of these stone cannot be afforded by an average man. The countertops made with these materials are expensive when compared to other. However, a high quality corian will cost about the same as a lesser quality granite. If you are running short of cash, then you can buy a high quality corian stone than lower quality granite. As an alternative, you can also buy copper or butcher clock countertops that can have a similar look, but cost lesser than a corian or granite. It is always better to do a comparison of rates among various stores. This way you will be able to buy a high quality countertop at a price that fits your budget.

Granite Wins on Quality

If you wish to give a cozy look to your ambience, then buying high quality granite would be a better choice. All granite and marble will also add a luxurious effect to your rooms. Granite countertops are flawless and the best attractive pieces when it comes to interior decoration. Granite symbolize your status to othersand have high resale value. Corian are not inferior to granite countertops and if you are not interested in buying expensive granite countertops, you can buy corian’s and have it painted in decorative colors to enhance further beauty of your rooms. But when it comes to durability, a corian style is the most preferred countertops by the users.

Corian Wins on Easy Maintenance

Corian countertops require lesser maintenance when compared to granite. Granite countertops needs frequent sealing as it may crack easily and you have to take the help of the supplier to get your countertops fixed in case of any damage. On the other hand, corian are hard to crack. Even if there is a minor scratch in it, you can easily fix it on your own.

Being an important part in the home decor, it is important to decide a countertop based on the interior appearance and theme of a room. You can even talk to the home decoration specialist to figure out which of the countertops would best fit your home. By understanding the pros and cons, you can easily find a solution for the age old debate Corian or Granite for your countertops.

Granite Countertops Buying and Choosing Color Guide

Granite are known for their durability and beauty. Most granite countertops dealers in Houston or Denver will actually tell you that it is the reason why they do not come cheaply. However, using them as countertops in your house will be cheaper in the long run, since you will not need to replace them repeatedly as it is with other forms of solid countertops. Granite counter-tops come in many sizes and colors. Their quality is measured in tiers and the high tier granite cost more than the lower tier one. Granite countertops have a natural glow, they are easy to clean and do not get stained easily. However, you need to take good care of them to avoid breakage. For instance, cutting vegetables on them is prohibited since applying too much pressure on them can make them to break along the grains.

There are many granite countertops dealers in Houston or other state that sell granite countertops at different prices. Of course, some will tend to overcharge customers especially the ones who are not well informed. To avoid such incidents, people are advised to carryout research on their own about the availability and the prices of granite countertops. Most granite countertop seller in Houston or other places have websites. This is good news to those who want to deal with then since much information about the quality and the prices of their goods can be found on their websites. Clients who have dealt with them before will always post reviews and comments about the pricing and quality of such countertops.

The economic times are lean and most people would welcome any opportunity that would enable them to save for a rainy day. There are some strategies that one can use to buy even the high tier granite at cheaper prices. One of them is to buy your granite directly from the supplier or by using granite remnants. In this case, you will have avoided paying the extra cost that intermediaries add on their goods to make profits. Secondly, you can approach a tiller and request him if you can use his trade account. Tillers have good relationships with most granite countertop dealers since they buy in bulk. Therefore, they qualify for cash discounts. Buying through them will pass these benefits to you. Most granite countertop dealers will attest to the fact that there are many benefits of choosing granite as your counter top .This naturally occurring beautiful stone will leave an indelible mark to the interior finishing of your house.

How to Choose Best Granite Color Tips

Colors in granite countertops can add some pizzazz to your kitchen or bathroom. Granite is extremely durable. It’s stain resistant, resists scratching and even scorching. Many believe that granite is a luxury item and far too expensive to consider, but, in actuality is less expensive than similar looking materials, making it a solid value. A natural stone, granite grows upwards like mountains and is taken in large pieces, slabs actually. These pieces are processed for a variety of products. You can find granite products like walls, tiles, vanity tops, memorials and kitchen counter tops. You can spruce up your room with a single colored top or choose a tile top with a variety of colors. Granite products, such as counter-tops, come in hundreds of colors, so the options are nearly limitless.

There are some main colors used in counter-tops that includes black, brown, red, blue, green, white, peach, gray, beige, and mauve. There’s also a large variety of shade variations with each color and some colors are combined to provide a completely different look. Some believe that with the variations of color shades and mixtures, the color options are in the thousands, not just the hundreds. With a large selection of granite counter tops colors, one can surely find just the right color choice to brighten their room.

It can be difficult choosing from all the granite counter-tops colors available, so consider these tips when shopping for your new granite counter top.

Tip 1: The first thing you should do is find a warehouse that provides the largest selection of granite counter tops colors. It’s important to have the actual product available and not just a lot of samples. It’s best so that when it comes time for the cut, you can choose from the slabs instead of waiting to see what the company chose.

Tip 2: You should take a piece of your cabinet with you, like a door. You’ll be able to tell quickly if the granite countertops colors match by holding the cabinet sample against the counter-top.

Tip 3: You can take a flooring sample as well to compare. You want to pick your granite countertops colors so that they flooring and countertop complement each other for the best look of your room. If it’s a new structure, you should choose the flooring once you’ve chosen the granite selection.

Tip 4: You want to make sure that the final choice in your countertop is one that isn’t just a good match with your components, but that you really like it. After all you have to live with it.

Tip 5: You’ll want to inspect the slabs of your granite, and look at a few slabs, to make sure they’re the same color, there’s no dark or light spots, or it’s not a pattern you don’t like. You’ll want to exclude these pieces from your cutting selection.

Granite countertops are a great way to spruce up your room, in addition to adding value to your home. Choosing to use granite is a good investment, choosing from the granite countertops colors and finding just the right one is beneficial for you.